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WC tourism now a billion rand business

Tourism in the Western Cape has grown by 7,5% between the 4th Quarter of 2016 and the 4th Quarter of 2017, bringing R6,6 billion into the provincial economy and creating 26 758 jobs since 2013. This was revealed by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Standing Committee on Economic Opportunities, Tourism, and Agriculture at the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

Airbnb has brought increased economic activity to the value of R5 billion into the Western Cape in 2017 alone, recording an 86% increase in annual growth in the province. Airbnb also recorded a whopping 110% growth in rural towns outside of Cape Town, while Cape Town accounts for 25% of Airbnb’s revenue on the entire African continent.

Disability Travel Generates in excess of $17.3 billion in annual spending globally –  yet there is still much improvement that needs to be done in this sector of the industry.

Simply having a wheelchair ramp doesn’t count as being accessible or welcoming to differently abled tourists who have a wide array of needs.

The good news though, is that Airbnb has now added an extensive number of filters for disabled travellers to ensure they are able to book accommodation that is suitable to their specific needs.

The tourism sector in the Western Cape is also responsible for 24 direct international air connections to Cape Town, bringing in 700 000 inbound seats from 20 countries. As a result, the South African government is also investing R3,2 billion into the expansion of Cape Town International Airport. Tourism is no longer a burgeoning industry, but a big business in the Western Cape worth billions of rand, and presenting immense job-creation potential.

Tourism in South Africa and the Western Cape has set the benchmark nationally for effective tourism management.


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