Oortjies 3

Ene Oortjies

Oortjies has traveled a rocky road and lost one eye, but this seven-year-old mixed breed still has the cutest grin. Left abandoned, Oortjies was taken in by the Watershed Animal Rescue and Rehab Centre who has given him a new lease on life. Thanks to Stephne Jackson’s loving care, this once abused dog is a ray of sunshine truly capable of being a man’s best mate.

Oortjies came wobbling into Smile 90.4FM’s studio after a leg “op” and although he was still in quite a bit of pain, he had kisses for everyone. But, be aware:  He’s not fond of other male dogs, nor cats. Oortjies just wants to be with a human friend and will be content to be by your side, wherever you go. He is not an active dog and will be best-suited with someone who leads a quite, peaceful life and who has plenty of time to pay him the attention he deserves.

If you want to adopt or know of a family who needs a four-legged friend, see or contact Lizma:

You can listen to Oortjies’s furry tale here and also find out more about the work done by the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha:

You can find more info on Mdzananda Animal Clinic here:

Oortjies is blind in one eye but as gentle as can be

Oortjies is blind in one eye, small and as gentle as can be

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