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Fabulous Phoebe could be yours

Fabulous Phoebe is a three-year-old Jack Russell who would love nothing more than to be part of a family. She’s been in Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre’s care for a year. This cutie is not only a bundle of joy who loves to play, but even does a trick or two, like performing her own unique little hind-leg shuffle. Denay from Uitsig says Phoebe is a real working dog and needs a lot of exercise. So, no coach-potato parents need apply.

If you want to adopt or know of a family who needs a four-legged friend, see or contact Lizma:

Listen here, not only to Phoebe’s story, but also to the happy ending of Zoe’s furry tale:

Phoebe with Lizma and Lindy

Zoe (back) and Phoebe (front) with Lizma and Lindy


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  1. ProMoJo

    3 years ago

    Is my office ready yet Digital Dan? I also want to be able to sit on the floor & cuddle these 4-legged Smileys like Lindy Hibbard & Lizma van Zyl, not to mention photo-bombing photos to try to steal the SpotLight like Danie Marais :p

    Jokes aside, Phoebe is GORGEOUS 🙂 Maybe Shelley should adopt her too, to keep Zoe company 😉

    • Danie Marais

      3 years ago

      Ha, Jo the job definitely has its perks, but as far as I’m concerned I’m the one who was photo-bombed here. I was getting ready for a quiet, contemplative selfie, and then got sucked into our Furry Tales feature. 😉

      But are you sure you require a real office? In terms of digital, ProMoJo is virtually a Smile co-worker already.

    • ProMoJo

      3 years ago

      Ha! Back at you, Danie Nana 😀 Pffffft! As if! Contemplative selfie indeed 😀

      Looks like that real office is virtually impossible, maar nou-ja 😉 ProMoJo will be setting up an official virtual office over the weekend 😀 Watch this space…

      Here’s hoping Fabulous Phoebe is luckier in finding a Real FUReva Home Sooooooooon 😀