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Meet Macy

Macy holds the record for being with African Tails the longest. She came into African Tails in a horrible state on the 3rd of September 2013.

She was surrendered from Gugulethu, she was just skin and bones, hardly any teeth left from such a bad diet and a big scar on her side from being burnt.  She had recently also had puppies, the ‘owner’ said that they had all died and that they want her put to sleep.

She was in a cage among all the other animals to be sterilised, just waiting for her fate. We knew at the time that we didn’t have a foster home available and on top of it, she is what an animal welfare would call ‘not so adoptable’. But that didn’t stop us. How on earth could we allow her to just be put to sleep after years of neglect and then giving birth on top of it? We decided to show her what life a dog should have and what all that entails. We found a foster mom for Macy and off she went to start her road to recovery.  She was put on puppy food and fed three small meals a day just like you would do with a puppy. The puppy food enabled her to gain the weight and get all the nutrients that she was so badly lacking at the time. She went from strength to strength. Her foster mom was excellent with her and taught her a lot. Macy learnt all about love, walks, treats and all about feeling safe and content. After a few months, the foster mom asked if we could find her another foster as she had to start travelling a lot therefore putting her own dogs in kennels etc.

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I then contacted her current foster mom to ask if she would take Macy and it has now been about 4 months. She has thrived even further being in this home, she has even snacked a little bit too much on all the good treats. Macy is a only dog in this foster home but plays with the neighbours dog every now and then. She is really attached to her foster mom so the sooner we can home her, the better. In a perfect world, Macy could stay where she is but we need to look at the bigger picture. We need our foster parents to carry on fostering for us as there is an on-going need, therefore Macy going to a forever home asap will be best. She will be confused at first but it will all be worth it in the end when she is all settled.

All together it has been a year and 2 months that Macy has waited for her home. She has had no luck, we suppose it’s the fact that she is black, has a scar as well as ground down teeth from chewing on stones and things in her past. But people don’t realize what a beautiful natured dog she is. She will make an awesome companion for anyone, she is loyal, obedient and loves going for her walks. Macy will be fine with other dogs but will also make an awesome only dog. She is also on a special diet as her stomach seems to get upset with most foods except for Vets Choice or Hills for sensitive digestion. Even though her teeth are in such a bad state, she seems to have no problem eating those pellets.

Please give Macy a chance by offering her a permanent forever home, where she will be loved for her heart of gold.

If someone would like to go and view her at her foster home in Tableview, they can contact Lauren at African Tails- 021 510 7360 or email for the contact details.

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