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Secret Sound Guesses – January

Monday 15 January

  • Popcorn kernels being dropped in a pot
  • An excavator moving over stones
  • Rain falling on a tin roof

Tuesday 16 January

  • Feeding paper through a shredder
  • Pulling two Velcro strips apart
  • A chips packet being crumpled

Wednesday 17 January

  • Pulling box-tape off a box
  • Cutting a cabbage or lettuce on a wooden chopping board
  • Money bags being opened at a bank

Thursday 18 January

  • Closing a slam-lock security gate
  • A ‘Slinky’ children’s toy
  • An automated garage door on the manual setting

Friday 19 January

  • A tyre going from tar to gravel
  • A photocopy machine
  • Pulling plastic off a Glad Wrap roll

Monday 22 January

  • A pepper or salt grinder
  • Sharpening a pencil
  • A chiropody foot sponge

Tuesday 23 January

  • Breaking a Weet-Bix brick in half
  • A gambling machine with numbers that roll over
  • A mortar and pestle

Wednesday 24 January

  • A bottle rolling over a packet of biscuits
  • Gift wrapping being torn off a gift
  • A car’s airbag opening

Thursday 25 January

  • Opening or closing a sliding door
  • Putting a serrated knife into a wooden knife block
  • The zip on a bag

Friday 26 January

  • A retractable cord
  • A conveyor belt
  • A salt or pepper grinder

Monday 29 January

  • Holding a bunch of keys and unlocking a door
  • Putting a needle on a record
  • A guillotine cutting paper

Tuesday 30 January

  • Movement of an abacus from left to right
  • A paper punch
  • Bricks or paving slabs scraping together

Wednesday 31 January

  • Putting down and unpacking shopping bags
  • Rubbing your fingers over a brush
  • The Josephine’s Mill at Newlands spring