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Guess the Smile Secret Sound and win R100 000

Secret Sound guesses – October


Monday 2 October

  • Stapler
  • Clicker counter
  • Throwing a dice in a game of graps
  • Throwing a coin into an old parking meter
  • Pulling the rope on a ceiling fan
  • Double clicking your fingers, followed by a clap


Tuesday 3 October

  • Gas stove being switched on
  • Ariel that makes contact with a wire in a bumper car
  • Cup holder in a car
  • Knife cutting a piece of watermelon 
  • Step or jump on a powerstrider 
  • Clicking of a safety harness when going bungee jumping 


Wednesday 4 October

  • Spring loaded ice cream spoon
  • (no guess)
  • Computer mouse
  • Taking a photo
  • Gun being cocked 
  • Closing a cylinder on a revolver after loading


Thursday 5 October

  • Opening a locket
  • Children’s toy – Two sticks that your rub together with your hands and then the balls hit each other 
  • Clipping a dog leash onto the collar 
  • Pop rivet gun – putting a number plate on 
  • Self inking stamp
  • Straw being pushed through a soft drink container


Friday 6 October

  • Arms of sunglasses folding back
  • Effervescent tablets shaking
  • Closing a hair clip shaped like a crocodile 
  • Turnstile as you walk through 
  • Aluminium measuring tape
  • Gold club making contact with a golf ball


Monday 9 October

  • Lowering your bonnet and it clicking it in
  • Ratchet strap
  • Sprinkler system on a sports field clicking back
  • Pressing a lift button
  • Snackbox opening 
  • Clicking sound a fan makes
  • A clock in card being punched in at work


Tuesday 10 October

  • DVD popping out a case 
  • Crushing a Coca Cola tin
  • Safety belt clicking 
  • Bolt between stable doors
  • Pulling a bedside lamp string 
  • Seat belt clipping in 


Wednesday 11 October

  • Plugging a mic-jack into a mic
  • Pistol hammer being pulled back
  • Clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth
  • Latch on a door
  • Adjusting a crutch 
  • The sound of Guillotine blade being lifted up 


Thursday 12 October

  • ATM machine dispensing your card 
  • Window blinds
  • Dropping a coffee capsule into a coffee maker 
  • Unclicking a safety-belt on an airplane 
  • (no guess)
  • Unclicking a car safety-belt 


Friday 13 October

  • Opening and closing a curtain
  • Old school tiekie box 
  • An ATM machine dispensing your card
  • J&M beef droëwors being snapped in half
  • Popping sound of a compressed container 
  • Clipping sound when opening a briefcase 
  • Price-tag gun
  • Unclipping the back of cellphone to replace the battery 


Monday 16 October

  • Pushing the led down on a pacer pencil
  • An old television remote
  • Clicking sound of a metal strap watch 
  • Cutter blade
  • Car ignition switch
  • Potato chip breaking 


Tuesday 17 October

  • Biting into an apple
  • Retronome
  • Clipping your nails with a nail-clipper
  • Sharpening a butchers-knife 
  • Welding machine 
  • Clipping sound of an airplane seat-belt 

Wednesday 18 October

  • Unlocking a vault
  • File arch lever clipping in
  • Clicking sound when pressing a TV button 
  • Time-switch on a fridge.
  • Gas stove switch
  • Cracking an ice lolly in half


Thursday 19 October

  • Shaking a Tippex bottle
  • Biting into a raw carrot 
  • Pulling the string on an old light switch
  • Bus conductor’s coin dispenser 
  • Old price tag gun
  • Coins being stacked on top of each other 


Friday 20 October

  • Pulling two wooden chopsticks apart 
  • Plastic drinking straw with an adjustable top
  • Playing the game ‘Tiddlywinks’
  • A revolver shooting blanks 
  • A catch lock
  • Clicking sound of a Bic pen


Monday 23 October

  • Closing the lid of a bread container 
  • Clicking sound of a petrol pump 
  • Snapping your left, right hand and hitting the palm of your hand with your fist 
  • Opening a safe 
  • Peeling the vacuum packed cover off a tin
  • Tapping a spoon against the lid of a pressure cooker 


Tuesday 24 October 

  • Breaking the seal on a lid of a long life milk carton 
  • Safety belt clicking sound
  • Microwave oven door 
  • Biting into an apple
  • Toenail clipper 
  • Money being tossed into a payphone and landing on more money 
  • Tapping of a tap-shoe 
  • J&M biltong vacuum pack machine 


Wednesday 25 October

  • Popup toaster
  • Pressing a security button to open an office door
  • Removing the clip from a fire extinguisher 
  • Taking off a wax strip 
  • Water of a leaking tap dripping into a puddle of water
  • Throwing dice when playing a board-game 


Thursday 26 October

  • Pushing down a hand wash pump
  • Nutcracker
  • Electric lock opening
  • Newton’s cradle
  • Coin being dropped in a drop box on an American bus
  • Cricket ball being hit with a cricket bat 


Friday 27 October

  • Removing a USB stick
  • Handheld retail gun to put labels on
  • Clicking a folder on a computer
  • A birds wings flapping
  • Toothpick holder being shaked
  • Sound of and old typewriter
  • Putting keys on a table
  • Pianola,when the roll kicks
  • The sound of a smartphone taking a photo
  • Shower door
  • Removing a TV remote battery pack
  • Staple remover
  • Ripping a strip off a couriered package
  • Metal clip on pen
  • Price gun
  • Releasing the button on a handbrake 
  • Twisting the cap on a bottle of sparkling water
  • Seat-belt buckle latch 


Monday 30 October

  • Electric lighter of a gas stove 
  • A motion sensor for lights or gates
  • Velcro
  • Airport trolley  
  • Push button bad prop 
  • Playing with cards
  • On and off switch of a multi-plug 
  • Fridge magnet
  • A game of tiddlywinks
  • Ice cracking
  • The clicking of a water meter
  • Magic clip dispenser
  • Eating a Kit Kat
Tuesday 31 October
  • Sellotape dispenser
  • Guillotine Capet tip being released from a guillotine Capet
  • Torque wrench
  •  Twisting off a bottle cap
  • Opening and closing a cabinet 
  • Egg pricker
  • Inserting a card into an ATM machine
  • Jason from Friday the 13th movie
  • Coins falling into a piggy-bank 
  • Rubbing a pencil on your front teeth
  •  A cigarette lighter
  •  Opening a paper clip and throwing it into a container