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Guess the Smile Secret Sound and win R100 000

Secret Sound guesses – November


Wednesday 1 November 

  • Closing a photo locket 
  • Shooting an elastic band 
  • Pressing the reset button on a vintage watch
  • Gas stove clicking on
  • Car window switch 
  • Cocking a gun


 Thursday 2 November
  • Ticking sound of a grandfather clock 
  • Breaking a toothpick 
  • Eye test lens clicking over
  • A train moving over the train tracks
  • The sound a bottle of Aerosol spray makes when the spray comes out
  • Nut being fastened on a bolt using a ratchet 


Friday 3 November

  • Biting into a chilly 
  • Guitar effect pedal
  • Drawstring light switch 
  • Steel wrist watch strap clicking in
  • Metal clicker toy
  • The smile 90.4FM advertising jingle 


Monday 6 November 

  • A baby gate closing or opening 
  • Adjusting the rest on a baby stroller
  • Opening and closing of a padlock 
  • Pogo-stick
  • Making a sound with your mouth
  • Biting into a chocolate coated ice-cream  


Tuesday 7 November

  • Typing on a laptop
  • Money counting machine
  • Flicking a pile of money
  • Christmas light being clicked on
  • Tape measure opening
  • Pushing down the button on a popup toaster 
Wednesday 8 November
  • A municipal water ticking over
  • Hitting a tambourine 
  • Typing 904 on a keyboard
  • Office stamp
  • Opening a can of soda
  • Pulling a lever down on a binding machine


Thursday 9 November

  • Pulley of a tow truck loading something heavy 
  • Samsung Smartphone finger unlock 
  • Cable tie
  • Connections of a hosepipe clicking in 
  • Coin dropping into a coin counting machine 
  • Ceiling fan rope bouncing up into the air
  • Magnetic name badge 
  • Switching on a fluorescent light
  • Clipping an animal’s ear with a tagging gun


Friday 10 November

  • Old fashioned lock for a steering wheel
  • Champagne bottle being opened with a saber 
  • Rubbing a pencil on your teeth
  • Clothing hanger in a wardrobe being moved to the side
  • Changing a toilet roll
  • Metal step being folded/unfolded
  • Folding back a car key
  • The sound your car makes when leaving a door open
  • Hitting a golf ball with a golf club


Monday 13 November

  • Playing the game coinage 
  • Filing your nails
  • Cracking a nut with a nutcracker
  • Pop-up basin plug
  • (no guess)
  • Train rolling over train-tracks 
  • Dice falling on a roulette wheel
  • Closing a security door
  • Opening an unused tap that spits air


Tuesday 14 November

  • Ref flicking his tongue 
  • Working on an abacus 
  • Ticket clipper
  • Electric razor being flicked open to clean the razor blade 
  • Snipping a cigar
  • Chamber load of a 22 barretto
  • Reset button on a wifi router
  • A 3-position metal toggle switch
  • Placing a teaspoon in the saucer after stirring


Wednesday 15 November

  • Walking on tiles with high heels
  • Container clip-box
  • Snapping twigs together
  • Opening a hair clip   
  • Metal batton flicking out
  • RainBird ticking
  • Breaking the foil seal on a Pringles tub
  • A key unlocking a door
  • The clicking of a Zippo lighter


Thursday 16 November

  • Closing a laptop
  • Sharpening machine tools
  • Cocking the hammer of a revolver
  • The referee’s keys
  • Jukebox 
  • Pressing a button on a radio
  • Separating a pair of chopsticks
  • A computer keyboard
  • A biltong guillotine cutter hitting the base


Friday 17 November

  • Glass jar hinge
  • Old typewriter
  • Ziplock bag
  • The sound of a light on a two plate stove
  • The barrel of a sliding door locking
  • Shoe polish tin opening
  • Adjusting the front seat of a car
  • Breaking a camping glow stick to activate it
  • The cocking of a gun


Monday 20 November

  • Opening and closing of a press stud 
  • Biltong cutter
  • Medical stapler used to staple your chest closed
  • Opening a gold watchstrap 
  • Turning a key in a door
  • Inserting a coin at a public toilet door
  • Hairdresser scissors snipping 
  • Putting a petrol nozzle back in the pump
  • Two glass doors being opened when a building goes into lock down 


Tuesday 21 November 

  • Tin clicker toy
  • Dog training clicker
  • A petrol nozzle being put back into the pump 
  • Changing gears on a bicycle 
  • Water chain
  • Cricket ball hitting the wickets during a TMO review
  • Closing a plastic bank bag
  • Using a padlock
  • The sound of a Newton’s Cradle


Wednesday 22 November

  • Centrelocking of a car
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt +Delete on a computer keyboard
  • Ticket dispensing at a pay station
  • Throwing a coin into a slot machine
  • landline being put down or picked up
  • Stapling a piece of tinfoil 
  • Removing the safety pin from a fire extinguisher
  • Serving and returning a table tennis ball


Thursday 23 November

  • A price gun
  • Magnetic drawer latch
  • Old type writer
  • Playing with a floppy disc 
  • Box suitcase latch
  • Stepping machine
  • The Smile Secret Sound
  • A stapler
  • Bubbles notification sound on a Samsung cellphone


Friday 24 November

  • Swallowing water
  • A music box
  • Cycling shoes clipping into the bicycle pedals
  • Turning on a flashlight
  • A lever arch file being opened
  • Clicking of a computer mouse 
  • A full turnstile at a stadium
  • Breaking thin pieces of wood
  • The sound in the CP&B radio ad


Monday 27 November

  • Button being pressed on a music player
  • Stamp pad being pressed down
  • EKG machine 
  • Biscuit machine
  • Bottling machine
  • Folding sunglasses shut
  • Setting a timer
  • Driving under a boom gate in a parking garage
  • Closing a brief case


Tuesday 28 November

  • When you put snackwich machine on or off
  • Clipping a ECG clip on your chest
  • A refrigerator truck locking mechanism
  • Clicking in a radio face on a car radio
  • Removing a medicine tablet from the foil wrapping  
  • Optometrists eye test machine clicking
  • Pulling the safety pin from a fire extinguisher
  • The final twist when opening a can with a can opener
  • Breaking the seal on a replacement water-cooler bottle


Wednesday 29 November 

  • Flipping the lid over on a electric hand mixer
  • The sound of a drop of water being amplified
  • A fish flapping on dry ground
  • Pressing control on a keyboard 
  • Putting a steam-pot lid back on the pot
  • Chipping of ice 
  • The minute hand of a watch ticking over
  • An old parking meter
  • Photos dropping out of a self service printing kiosk


Thursday 30 November

  • A change dispenser
  • Tap dancing shoes
  • Spark made by a spark plug
  • Unbuckling an aeroplane seat belt  
  • Bus conductor card clipper
  • Moving something into the recycling bin on a PC
  • Popping a pill or chewing gum out of a foil pack
  • The button for the hazard lights of a car
  • A Samsung smart phone taking a photograph