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Guess the Smile Secret Sound and win R100 000

Secret Sound guesses – December


Friday 1 December

  • Flick knife
  • Staple remover
  • Switching on  a car’s headlights 
  • Handbrake release button 
  • A click in the Xhosa language 
  • Opening a cellphone battery cover 
  • A wooden biltong slicer
  • Pressing the stop button on a tape recorder
  • Pulling sticky tape off a sticky tape dispenser


Monday 4 December

  • No guess
  • A course salt canister 
  • A security tag removed from an item of clothing
  • No guess
  • Pulling a light switch string
  • A staple gun for pricing items in a shop


Tuesday 5 December

  • Releasing a safety belt
  • Magnetic clicker marbles
  • Swiping of a debit or credit card
  • A metal ironing board’s legs clicking into place
  • No guess
  • No guess


Wednesday 6 December

  • A laptop closing
  • Opening a long-life milk carton
  • The feeder of a printer clicking in
  • A smartphone taking a picture
  • The flap on a DVD player
  • A credit card inserted into a pay-point
  • A car’s petrol cap closing
  • Closing a stapler
  • Clicker used to count people on a plane


Thursday 7 December

  • Stapling pages together
  • An access ticket punch
  • Pressing a tablet out of a blister pack
  • An ear piercing gun
  • Switching on a Braun hot brush
  • Tapping fingers on leather
  • A bicycle chain
  • Switching on a car’s hazard lights
  • The blades from a windmill


Friday 8 December

  • Loot collection on a mobile game
  • Breaking the glass and pressing the button at an emergency exit
  • Opening a briefcase
  • Old accounting calculator printing the slip
  • Opening a buzzer gate
  • The cap pressed closed on a glass kettle
  • Fat shooting off a chop in a microwave
  • The ‘pull down’ machine at a gym
  • Going through a turnstile


Monday 11 December

  • Open or close a wooden blind
  • A gas lighter
  • Steel bladed knives being sharpened
  • Typing on a laptop
  •  A camera taking photos
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Taking a teat out of a baby’s mouth
  • Putting a new razor blade on a razor stick
  • The last drop of water
  • Breaking a row off a slab of chocolate
  • A lever arch file opening
  • Pushing buttons on the studio sound board
  • Inserting a bayonet bulb into the socket
  • A stapler
  • Click notification on an S7 smartphone
  • The foot switch on gym equipment
  • An automatic air freshener
  • Inserting the key into a night watchman’s clock


Tuesday 12 December

  • A nail clipper
  • The mute button on a control panel
  • A carbon copy stamp
  • Turning the button on a gas stove
  • The door handle on the door of a cold room
  • Closing the clip on a watch strap
  • A bird in a cage
  • Switching on an electric beard trimmer
  • A staple remover
  • Magnetic slip cover on a phone
  • Flicking open the blade of a knife
  • Attaching a magnetic name badge
  • A nail clipper trimming a false nail
  • Changing gears on a bicycle
  • Castanets that Spanish dancers use
  • A chromo graph
  • Switching on an electric blanket to the third pre-heat setting
  • A Rubik’s cube
  • Passing through a turnstile
  • An electric fence arcing
  • A ten pin bowling ball returning from the machine
  • Locking a cellphone screen with the side button
  • A parking ticket being dispensed
  • A turnstile in a supermarket


Wednesday 13 December

  • A circuit breaker switch
  • The light switch on an old lamp
  • The notification sound on a Samsung phone
  • Changing a camera lens
  • Pressing a plastic bottle in and popping it out
  • Unplugging a garden hose
  • Putting a water bottle in a dispenser
  • The sound that your plakkies make when you walk
  • Changing the bobbin of a sewing machine
  • Office scissors cutting into paper
  • Opening a beer can
  • A can half crushed and popping back
  • Marbles or beads being dropped on a hard surface
  • An electric can opener
  • A two pronged plug being pulled out of a socket
  • Notes returned by a parking pay machine
  • Caster wheels on furniture running across tiles
  • A biltong packing machine
  • Pressing the buttons on a defibrillator


Thursday 14 December

  • Two knives being sharpened against each other
  • Shaking a blood sugar test strip container
  • The lead that plugs into an ADSL Wifi router
  • Metal remote control for a Smart TV
  • Tapping your fingers on a baby’s nappy
  • Opening a bottle of Pride olive oil
  • Cycling shoes clicking into the pedals
  • Opening the small seat on a shopping trolley
  • Breaking raw pasta
  • An electric kettle switch
  • Metal key holder being shaken
  • Taking off a watch with a metallic stretchy strap
  • A shopping trolley rolling over tiles
  • Clanging spoons together
  • When you spray perfume
  • Dropping a coin on the floor
  • Opening a sun umbrella
  • On/off button on a ventilator
  • A staple remover
  • The hook for hanging biltong on a rail
  • Plugging in a cellphone charger
  • Popcorn popping in a pot
  • The door lock on the big wheel at the V&A Waterfront
  • Swiping a card when shopping
  • A coupon dispenser in a supermarket aisle
  • The cap on a mouthwash bottle
  • Sliding scissors through wrapping paper
  • A price tagger
  • Pushing the tag forward when opening a tin
  • Opening the box of your contact lenses
  • Unlocking the latch of a metal bracelet
  • A water meter box
  • Breaking off a yoghurt tub from a 6 pack
  • Opening a vacuum packed food container
  • Shopping trolley release lock
  • A conductor’s ticket clipper
  • Clicking a new razor blade onto a razor
  • Putting a new razor blade on and pulling it out of the plastic container
  • Keys in a car’s ignition
  • The rail that holds the price tag in a shopping aisle
  • Unclipping the used blade from a razor – WINNER!!!