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Secret Sound Guesses – March


Wednesday 1 March
  • Flipping of a barber’s blade
  • Stapler
  • Control, alt, delete on a keyboard 
  • Cocking gun 
  • pulling a surgical glove
  • Flipping the page of a book


Thursday 2 March

  • Iron setting switch
  • Biltong cutter
  • Belt buckle clipping
  • Drippende kraan
  • Umbrella opening
  • An elevator button
  • Ceiling fan string
  • Plastic folder closing
  • Clip of a lever arch file


Friday 3 March

  • Dial turn switch
  • Biltong hook
  • A piece of gum being pressed out of the packet 
  • Clicking a middle finger
  • Blood pricking device
  • Pushing the lever on a toaster
  • Safety harness
  • Sound of a news jingle
  • Left click on computer mouse 


Monday 6 March

  • Dropping a ball on a foosball table
  • Double click of a car key in the ignition
  • Breaking a piece of chocolate
  • Tick of an auto sprinkler system
  • Aircon button
  • Inserting a battery into a remote


 Tuesday 7 March
  • Opening a can of beer
  • Closing a snackwich maker
  • Cigar snipper
  • Gear shift on a bicycle
  • Padlock
  • Electric sowing machine
 Wednesday 8 March
  • Measuring tape
  • Staple remover
  • Electric can opener 
  • Car’s cigarette lighter 
  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Pushing a toast lever down


Thursday 9 March

  • Nailclipper 
  • Newton’s cradle (silver balls that swing)
  • Plastic film seal
  • Chocolate coated ice cream breaking 
  • Computer game sound effect
  • When you change folders on Windows


Friday 10 March

  • Pliers
  • Hammer on wood
  • Glowstick snapping
  • Pen clicking in and out
  • (no guess)
  • Scratching glass
  • Unlocking a hotel door with a card
  • Tiekie box
  • Cellphone taking a photo
  • Locking a sliding door
  • Turning the dial on an old phone
  • Paper tray of a photo copy machine


 Monday 13 March

  • Opening a stapler
  • Ticking clock
  • Closing blinds
  • Tap dancing
  • Poker chip dropping onto another one
  • Hosepipe 


Tuesday 14 March

  • Watch strap
  • Clock card at work
  • Microwave door
  • (no guess)
  • Biting into a grape
  • Flint wheel on a multi purpose lighter


Wednesday 15 March

  • Change from a bus driver’s coin dispenser
  • Shooting an elastic band against a cardboard box
  • Filling a glass of water from a dispenser 
  • Potato peeler
  • Pre-pack biltong packet closing 
  • Advert of the Water Warriors 


Thursday 16 March 

  • Opening a zippo lighter
  • Latch of a door
  • Blood transfusion agitator. 
  • Seal breaking when a bottle opens
  • Champagne bottle being unwrapped


Friday 17 March

  • Coin in a payphone
  • Hitting a CD with a hammer
  • Car indicator
  • The centre point on a CD holder being pressed
  • Petrol pump
  • Wood cracking in a fire


Monday 20 March

  • Door handle on a walk in fridge
  • Security tag on clothes being taken off
  • Baby stroller sun visor 
  • Breaking the seal on a deodorant can.
  • Velcro strap   


Tuesday 21 March

  • Old Clock ticking
  • Light switch
  • Castonette
  • ATM pushing out your card
  • Horse gallop 
  • Bobben that you click into a machine


Wednesday 22 March

  • (no guess)
  • Coin in a tickie box
  • Sprinkler system
  • Needle of a record player
  • Rolling of a dice
  • Lid of a pressure cooker


Thursday 23 March

  • Cracking a whip
  • Magnet
  • Paintball gun
  • Hand tool nutcracker
  • Hosepipe and tap connecting
  • Toy car being pulled back


Friday 24 March

  • Newton’s cradle 
  • Pulling the brush out of a mascara bottle 
  • Opening a Coke bottle
  • Pop a lozenge out a blister pack
  • Pill bottle with child proof lock
  • Pressing and releasing a space bar


Monday 27 March

  • Clicking of a Bic Pen
  • Closing a Swiss army knife
  • Replacing the blades on a razor, taking them out, and clicking them back in
  • Staple remover
  • Coin slot on a parking pay machine closing
  • Metal ladder extending


Tuesday 28 March

  • Salty crack biscuit
  • Bubble wrap
  • Training clickers for animals
  • Cutlery being put in drawer 
  • Hunting rifle being loaded
  • Biltong packet being torn open


Wednesday 29 March

  • Biting into a crispy green apple
  • Deleting a file on a Mac
  • (no guess)
  • Foil seal on a cream cheese tub
  • Gas stove button
  • Pressing buttons on an adding machine


Thursday 30 March

  • Breaking chopsticks apart
  • Industrial fridge opening
  • Typewriter
  • Grinding salt/pepper
  • Ear piercing gun


Friday 31 March

  • Loosening an ice block out an ice tray
  • Cable tie
  • Kettle going on and off
  • Clutch bag
  • Pulling and releasing of a rubber band
  • Piece of biltong being broken off
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