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Guess the Smile Secret Sound and win R100 000

Secret Sound guesses – August

Tuesday 1 August 

  • Typewriter
  • Machine dispensing a parking ticket at a parking lot 
  • Zippo lighter 
  • Release latch on a washing machine
  • Locking a bakkie
  • Table tennis ball being served 

Wednesday 2 August 

  • When cashiers open coin bags at the till 
  • Pop up bouncing ball
  • Ticket tape machine
  • Arm of a record player
  • Clip of an old school case
  • (no guess)

Thursday 3 August 

  • Car key being flicked open
  • Wheel on a computer mouse being moved
  • Kid’s flipper toy
  • The click of a home alarm beam
  • Cash register clip in the tray
  • Stapler

Friday 4 August 

  • Taking the safety latch off a gun
  • Glockenspiel
  • Snapping of a match stick
  • Cracking open a nut 
  • Drop of coffee in a percolator 
  • (no guess)

Monday 7 August 

  • Lid of a melrose jar popping
  • Mousetrap clipping closed
  • Replacing the water bottle on a dispenser 
  • Old fashioned camera taking a picture 
  • Clip on the lid of a coffee tumbler 
  • Pressing a tablet out of a capsule pack 

Tuesday 8 August 

  • Opening an old cold-drink can
  • Drop of water on a metal sink
  • (no guess)
  • Candle lighter
  • Taking a picture with a zoom lens camera
  • Pedal bin 

Thursday 10 August

  • Closing the valve on an air mattress 
  • The paper clicking through an old printer 
  • Rubik’s cube
  • Sand running through and old hourglass 
  • Cricket ball hitting a wicket
  • A button being pushed on a keyboard 

Friday 11 August

  • Lever arch file releasing pages
  • Old school price gun
  • Boilermaker starting a flame 
  • Plugging a phone charger into a two point plug
  • A security lock closing on a gate
  • The teat of a baby bottle being pulled through and twisted on  

Monday 14 August

  • Tapping your fingers on a table
  • Conductor’s ticket punch
  • Adjusting the length on crutches
  • Dancer’s castanets
  • Gas hob switching on
  • Snapping a piece of biltong

Tuesday 15 August

  • Cellphone screen being turned off
  • Photo being taken in an old photo booth
  • Biscuit cutting machine
  • Crushing a garlic clove 
  • Cutting an electric wire
  • Old slide projector 

Wednesday 16 August

  • (no guess)
  • Seat-belt on a airplane 
  • Lighter
  • Opening a laptop
  • Ceiling fan spring being pulled 
  • Wooden frog musical instrument

Thursday 17 August 

  • Pressure release button on a blood pressure test device 
  • Musical toy button
  • Biltong packet sealer’s arm
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Sound of a rowing oar touching water
  • Ratchet mechanism of a tie down strap 

Friday 18 August 

  • Fish paste bottle popping 
  • Button at the back of a fan
  • Stamp at the police station
  • Pet flap on a door
  • Bobbin clicking on a sewing machine
  • When you maneuver the car seat 

Monday 21 August

  • Clicking sound of an eye test device at an optometrist
  • Turnstile
  • Pedal on a dustbin
  • Clicking cycle shoes into the pedal
  • Car key with a button that flicks out the key
  • Closing the lid on a coffee pot

Tuesday 22 August

  • DSTV explorer remote middle button being pushed 
  • Old price gun
  • Opening a metal lid on cold drink bottle
  • Stapler
  • Hosepipe connecting to a tap
  • Lever on a shotgun 

Wednesday 23 August

  • Handcuffs opening 
  • Taking a phone of the receiver
  • The sound of an egg hatching 
  • View-master button being pushed 
  • An electric fence sparking if touched 
  • Shaking coffee grounds in a glass bottle 

Thursday 24 August

  • Race horse gate opening 
  • Putting a butane gas bottle in a gas cooker 
  • Closing a DVD box
  • Filter of an Espresso machine clipping in
  • Tin being opened with a key that comes with the tin
  • A safety from a fire extinguisher 

Friday 25 August

  • Bottle cap landing on a counter
  • Pin from a grenade
  • Flicking bank cards together 
  • Umbrella opening 
  • Pinball machine lever
  • Glow-stick snapping 

Monday 28 August

  • Knitting needles
  • Clip of a watchstrap 
  • Stapler
  • Opening a safe by turning the dial
  • Someone stepping on twigs and leaves 
  • Fridge door being closed 

Tuesday 29 August 

  • Foot switch on a vacuum cleaner
  • Button on a handbrake 
  • Welding torch igniter 
  • (no guess)
  • Staple remover 
  • Seat-belt ejecting 

Wednesday 30 August 

  • Opening a top loading CD player
  • Power failure and all the switches shut down
  • Way finder that blind people use 
  • Ping pong 
  • (no guess)
  • Someone playing the drums in a band

Thursday 31 August

  • Spring door of a bathroom cabinet closing 
  • Desktop recycle bin emptying sound on a windows computer
  • Manual clicker counter 
  • Clicker for dog training
  • Automatic washing machine coming to the end of a cycle 
  • Removing the plastic wrapping on a bunch of flowers