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Guess the Smile Secret Sound and win R100 000

Secret Sound guesses – September


Friday 1 September 

  • Popping a bubble wrap bubble
  • Padlock closing
  • Airplane taking off
  • Locking an iPhone screen
  • Double click on a calculator 
  • Flashing car headlights
  • Pressing the shift key on a keyboard
  • Universal water pump’s pliers 
  • Cheese cracker cracking
  • Breaking an egg
  • Stapling paper
  • Changing a disk on a jukebox 


Monday 4 September 

  • Pill popped out of a blister pack
  • Tap dance shoe
  • Breaking a piece of biltong
  • Clipping a mixing glass into a NutriBullet
  • Changing gears on bicycle 
  • Stepping on a hard surface


Tuesday 5 September

  • Old school jukebox selecting a tune
  • Tape deck
  • Scissors opening and closing 
  • Dropping a slinky on the ground
  • Flamenco dancer’s castanets 
  • Opening the lid on a tin can


Wednesday 6 September 

  • Opening the lid on an old jam jar
  • Two metal objects touching each other 
  • (no guess)
  • Clapping hands together and then clapping your thigh 
  • Scissors cutting quickly
  • Clicking of a butterfly lens cover


Thursday 7 September 

  • Tapping your nails on a wooden surface
  • Unwrapping a toffee 
  • Seal of a jar popping 
  • Safety pin on a washing machine 
  • Glow stick breaking 
  • Drop of rain
  • Opening a screw top wine bottle


Friday 8 September 

  • Stepping on a branch
  • Nunchucks 
  • Latch click
  • Tapping your nails on a metal surface
  • Double down click
  • Opening a beer can


Monday 11 September 

  • Initial click of a fire extinguisher
  • J&M Biltong cutting machine blades stopping
  • Stopping a skateboard 
  • Perfume bottle cap being put back
  • Automatic air-freshener dispenser 
  • Piece of a hosepipe clicking in 
  • Dropping a pair of scissors
  • Sound a gaming machine makes when you’ve won
  • The sound an ATM machine makes when it ejects a card
  • Clicking of a Parker ballpoint pen


Tuesday 12 September 

  • Old typewriter
  • Upholstery staple gun
  • Raindrops on a window
  • Pressure release on a  tourniquet
  • Car remote clicking
  • Knuckle clicking
  • An earth-leakage switch
  • Pulling the tab off when opening a long-life milk carton
  • A reusable clip gun that sticks paper together
  • A nut cracker


Wednesday 13 September

  • Price tag ejecting from a food scale at a shop
  • Twisting open a bottle of wine
  • Coin going into a vending machine
  • Snapping a yogurt pack 
  • Sliding door closing 
  • Shuffling a deck of cards
  • Garden clippers cutting through a twig
  • Pushing the butterfly onto an earring
  • An old telegraph machine
  • The crackling of a fire


Thursday 14 September

  • Cutting a cigar 
  • Glucometer
  • Spring loaded door of a vanity cupboard opening
  • Nails tapping on water
  • Geyser getting switched on 
  • Window blind closing 
  • Closing the nozzle on a gym water bottle
  • A rattle drum
  • Striking a match on a matchbox
  • Printing machine mechanism that feeds paper


Friday 15 September

  • Tweezer
  • Lamp chord being pulled
  • Kimble gun 
  • Slide projector 
  • Taking you car key out of the ignition 
  • Dimmer light switch
  • Water dripping on a surface
  • A tap dancer’s shoes
  • Pressing an elevator button
  • A ticket conductor’s clippers


Monday 18 September 

  • Insect Zapper light 
  • Biltong cutting block 
  • Unlocking a cellphone 
  • Sealing a plastic bag at a shopping centre 
  • Clicker device 
  • Shaking a rechargeable torch
  • Train changing tracks
  • Nail-clipper
  • Safety belt
  • Butchery biltong packet vacuum
  • Breaking a sugar packet 
  • Orthodontist pulling the wire through braces 
  • Old cash till button
  • Traffic camera flashing 


Tuesday 19 Septemebr

  • Opening the lid of a polystyrene bucket
  • Hooking a trailer onto a tow-bar
  • The clip on a wallet or a purse
  • Opening and closing a pocket knife
  • Inserting or ejecting an old floppy disk
  • Water falling in a rain tank  


Wednesday 20 September

  • Apple mac e-mail 
  • Dimmer light switch 
  • Foot switch for a lamp 
  • Cocktail shaker 
  • Unfolding a walking stick
  • Nut cracker


Thursday 21 September

  • Hitting a snooker ball into a pocket
  • Eye test slide machine clicking over
  • Computer mouse
  • Old singer sewing machine
  • Opening a packet
  • Lego block clipping into another
  • Studio microphone switching on 
  • Inserting a CD into a CD player 


Friday 22 September

  • Ear piercing sound
  • A computer power button being pressed
  • Bug zapper
  • Opening an umbrella
  • Studio microphone being switched on
  • Hotel lamp switch 


Tuesday 26 September 

  • Breaking the vacuum seal on a tennis ball canister 
  • Clip on a suitcase 
  • Gear lock clicking on
  • Playing with spoons
  • Dropping marbles on each other
  • Clip on a landline phone 
  • (no guess) 
  • A tally counter used in a survey
  • Breaking and shaking a glow-stick
  • Shaking a Tic-Tac breath mint container with mints inside


Wednesday 27 September

  • Unlocking a pattern password on a Samsung cellphone
  • Old typewriter
  • Flappers of a pin ball machine
  • Magnetic shelf protector 
  • Second hand on a wrist watch
  • (no guess)
  • The spring on a trampoline
  • The lever on the side of an old typewriter
  • Changing pictures on a View Master
  • A globe that is fusing


Thursday 28 Spetember

  • Castanets
  • A sliding pirate monocular
  • Opening a can of Red Bull 
  • Conductors money belt
  • Chain on a block and tackle 
  • Pushing the button to pump water out of a thermos 
  • A pair of handcuffs
  • Chattering teeth
  • Switching an electric blanket on and off
  • The stylus of an old gramophone


Friday 29 September

  • Unclipping a baby’s car seat
  • Russian dolls being taken apart 
  • Newton’s cradle
  • Pressing control, alt and delete on a computer keyboard 
  • Opening a coke tin
  • Old briefcase clip
  • Eyelet punch
  • An electric fly zapper
  • Stapling into foil
  • Sound of tap closing in a radio ad
  • Plugging the hardware into a broadcast console