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iSmile – The Tech Report: 16-20 September

MONDAY (16 September)

Soon we’ll have two new iPhones to choose from.

Apple released the 5S and more affordable 5C recently. As always, there are the loyalists who praise everything Apple does and those who fear the iconic brand has lost its mojo after Steve Jobs’ passing.

The editor of TFG Tech Magazine Gavin Dudley says while he wasn’t blown away by the 5S, there are some novel technology to look forward to. And this is of course where Apple likes to excel, the practical application of new technology!

But never a company satisfied with singular innovations Gavin says Apple loyalists will also be very impressed with the new software.

Gavin says the 5C is really for those wanting to give Apple a try, but who aren’t prepared for the full financial investment just yet.

We’ll have a to wait for weeks for confirmed local pricing, but be assured the 5S will continue Apple’s premium pricing legacy. And that’s partly because of the fact that it’s still mostly true that “an Apple a day … keeps the hackers away.”

TUESDAY (17 September)

It never ceases to amaze me how South Africans regularly play a huge role on the global stage of innovation, especially in the medical field.

It’s no different when it comes to the iSmile feature, which is destined to shake up the world’s prosthetics industry. Although it’s inventor has no such intentions.

It’s called Robohand and springs out of the old adage of necessity being the mother of invention.

Richard van As is a Jo’burger who has now gone from being a carpenter, to being the man who has helped close to 200 people get some functionality in their hands, affected either by amputations or birth defects.

Richard explains that Robohand is a lot more basis than the modern prosthetics which we are starting to see these days. He uses a 3D printer to make most of the custom components, which also keeps his costs down.

Richard says his design means more to him than just making money, so he has open sourced it and posted the free tutorial online at So all you’ll need is a 3D printer and a bit of determination and you’ll be able to print fingers or en entire hand for someone in need.

So this all means that anyone can download the design and print their own prostheses…

I know that’s going to make you want to help. Go see how you can make a donation at

WEDNESDAY (18 September)

The Blogosphere is a weird and wonderful place and when used correctly, can be a highly effective marketing tool.

The Mother City found this out in a very interesting online experiment last year. In fact so successful was the #LoveCapeTown campaign, that it is being hosted by Cape Town Tourism again this year.

In fact, the first of three international bloggers touch down here today to come spend a few days exploring with a focus on travel, design as well as food and wine.

This is an exceptionally clever online campaign that involves blogging sites as well as Twitter, where locals are encouraged to help the visitors with itinerary suggestions.

While the three bloggers have been invited by CT Tourism, they are pretty much being left to their own devices to experience Cape Town independently. The three are from the US, Brazil and the UK, from where we get the bulk of our tourists.

Of course while this is all virtual marketing using very smart online tools, the idea is still to get actual flesh and blood tourist to come and spend tangible cash on our shores.

So remember, for the next couple weeks, wherever you are and whatever you do, make sure you Tweet about it using the #LoveCT.

THURSDAY (19 September)

I want to tell you a little more about a company called Relevant I.T, which kind of says it all in terms of the type of business they engage in.

But what it doesn’t  explain is the tenuous, albeit recent history between traditional business and contemporary I.T requirements. In other words, how does networking apply to your friendly local green grocer?

Some feel that the question of whether I.T drives business or business drives I.T remains unanswered and in many companies big and small, I.T is still seen as a grudge purchase.

Relevant I.T is hoping to change this and help traditional businesses executives comes to terms with I.T and even use it to help achieve goals and create value.

Marc Geschke is MD of Space Age Technologies, the company behind Relevant I.T. He says they have discovered a very real business-I.T disconnect that causes a lot of hiccups in running a business.

He says Relevant I.T is a free solution that can be used across different industries – Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Tourism, Finance and so forth.

The Relevant I.T Maturity Model is available free of charge.

For more information, visit

FRIDAY (20 September)

The world’s largest car fest is still in overdrive – providing all those in attendance with some memorable motoring moments.

For car enthusiasts, the Frankfurt Motor Show is the kind of all-wheel drive nirvana that comes with a chauffeur and a complimentary English accent.

It’s a sneak peek into the future of the automobile and everybody is eager to impress, bringing all green electric cars, self-drive master pieces and what one commentator calls “unobtanium.”

“Unobtanium” is the stuff that everyone wants, but can’t have, either because of legislation, prohibitive costs or simply because these are prototypes.

Like Jaguar’s new CX-17 concept, and BMW’s radical looking hybrid electric cars, the i3 and i8. Another favourite was Audi’s sleek new cross-over the Nanuk Quattro, which sports a centre console that runs the length of the cabin and is covered in touch screens.

Truth is Lamborghini doesn’t have to show off it just really has to show UP.

And boy did they show up… not just with super street cars, but also with some GT racers for the die-hard playboy tycoon with a race track or two to test.

But if that’s too rich for your blood, one of the exhibitors this year is the company Faurecia, who will modify an ordinary car’s exhaust to make it sound like you’re driving something a whole lot sexier. With the Fauracia exhaust, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself behind a Ferrari …

For Smile 90.4 FM, I’m Bobby Brown with your iSmile.

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