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iSmile – The Tech Report: 2-6 September

MONDAY (2 September)

The iSmile Report focuses on Google’s good work on a regular basis. Let that be a lesson to other companies about the inherent PR potential of having a social conscience.

This time, we highlight Google’s recently launched Africa Connected Competition – a platform for anyone and everyone whose lives are powered by the internet. The search engine says it is looking for Africans with a healthy disregard for the impossible and who have used the web to change their lives.

Google’s Julie Taylor says the competition really is for everyone across all sectors. Julie says – by the end of this – they also hope to have the largest collection of inspiring stories about ventures established online by Africans, in Africa.

Entries close on the 11 of October and winners will be announced in February. A quarter of a million rand is a lot of money, so best you get going.

TUESDAY (3 September)

Robot surgeons performing complicated procedures on humans seem like a scary future, but just think about it…

Some procedures are so complicated that the precision required can only really be guaranteed by a robotic system of some sort.

South Africa is about to get the first of this sort of tool – a revolutionary new multi-million-rand automated surgery system said to be safer and more cost effective. Most importantly, it reduces post-operative pain, while increases efficacy.

Thomas Dunbar is the MD at Earth Medical – the company that’s bringing the da Vinci® surgery robotic system into South Africa. He says this machine is going to make life a lot easier in a variety of types of surgical procedures.

Starting next month, this new technique will be used exclusively at Pretoria’s Urology Hospital mainly for prostatectomies at first.

WEDNESDAY (4 September)

Recently iSmile told you about the androidanisation of Blackberry’s BBM service, which is due to happen soon.

This will all start when Samsung users are given access to the BBM social network. In the meantime the Canadian brand has just launches its device – the 9720, which it bills as a super social cell phone. It’s 7.1 Operating System allows you to update your various social media simultaneously, with just one post.

The phone will also feature the latest must-have swipe to unlock feature, but it will allow you to access the camera, while the phone is locked. Swipe-to-unlock is of course the feature that iPhone tried to copyright.

Speaking of which, there’s talk of an iPhone 5S and a 6 due for release before the end of the year. This is going to make Christmas gift giving difficult, considering that the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is also heading our way and iSmile can confirm that the Galaxy proper is a very desirable device.

THURSDAY (5 September)

Most entrepreneurs will agree that there is a severe shortage of networking platforms, especially the ones that allow entrepreneurs to meet each other.

Fortunately, this is one of the main driving forces behind The Hook Up Dinner, which launches in Cape Town tonight. With its stated aim being to help start-ups connect, engage and contribute The Hook Up Dinner is already established in Johannesburg and launched in Durban last night.

So it aims to solve one of the main gripes of small business people that they aren’t able to access the big corporates and help one another.

Each dinner has a guests speaker and tonight’s gathering in Harrington Street in the CBD will be addressed by Vuyisa Qabaka – Founder trustee at the Name Your Hood Foundation.

FRIDAY (6 September)

Today’s iSmile is in celebration of the 36th anniversary of the launch of Voyager-1, which is believed to have left our solar system just last week.

So, the human race’s most ingenious craft is now further from us than anything we have ever made before.

While Voyager-1’s primary mission – to study and locate the boundaries of our solar system – ended in 1980, like any good hand-made craft, it has just kept on going, sending us a multitude of data AND the first detailed images of Jupiter and Saturn! And their moons!

On board Voyager-1 – is what is the 1970s equivalent of a PowerPoint introduction to planet earth and her inhabitants… With instructions for extra-terrestrials to follow, these gold-plated copper discs are played just like old vinyl LPs.

Known as The Golden Records – they include numerous drawings, pictures and mathematical equations to let ETs know that we are friendly, smart and artistic with a love for the classics. (Sorry Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber!)

The Sagan team also included a wide spectrum of polite earthly greetings – including some that will sound very familiar to Capetonian ears.

For Smile 90.4 FM, I’m Bobby Brown with your iSmile.

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