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iSmile – The Tech Report: 23-27 September


Cape Town is well on its way to moving from being the Mother City to becoming the WiFi Hotspot City.

Recently iSmile told you about how the Company’s Garden has introduced free WiFi around its coffee shop area.

And prior to that, Cape Town city bosses told us about how upgrading its municipal network is going to have the spin-off of cheap WiFi for residents of Khayelitsha and elsewhere.

We now learn that there are plans afoot to introduce free WiFi on the MyCity buses. While that can’t be confirmed parts of Green Point are now sporting with free WiFi.

Marc Truss is the CEO of the Green Point City Improvement District, which is driving the project. He says the WiFi is free and users simply have to select “GreenPointCID – FreeWi-Fi” when they want to access it.


No iSmile


South Africa can boast with yet another world first – the digital laser announced by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research last week.

The experimental work in the laser project was done by CSIR researcher Sandile Ngcobo, under the guidance of Professor Andrew Forbes, whom I instructed very carefully to give us a simplified explanation of what it all means.

He says what they did was to replace one of the mirrors in a traditional laser with a tiny LCD screen.

The applications for this new discovery are endless. But in a nutshell … this new laser technology could significantly solve the world’s bandwidth problems.

Andrew says the CSIR has made sure that the invention is protected globally. He says it’s now up to others to take the technology further.

The digital laser is the latest in a string of technological advances and discoveries made by South Africans in the last few months alone.

It bodes well for a country when its environment is stable enough so both its academics can submit one patent after the other.


Last week we discussed a company called Relevent I.T and now for a very practical example of sorts.

By now you know that the Mother City is playing host to three bloggers as part of the #LoveCapeTown campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

It’s really the old concept of inviting a reviewer to your establishment and hoping for the best, except this time there’s a global audience with instant access to the writer. Not to mention the fact that they can comment, disagree, advise, support or just passively consume every bit of text and pretty much make a decision on whether they’re coming or not.

This is the power of the internet at its very best.

So novel and effective was the inaugural campaign last year that Cape Town Tourism won a Golden Lion and a Travel + Leisure Smitty Award.

Let’s take a closer look at the bloggers that were invited.

Briton Abigail King from Inside the Travel Lab leaves this week. Brazilian Carole More from Follow the Colours has also been here for a few days already. While American Rachelle Lucas from The Travel Bite is about to touch down for the first time.

Together they blog, tweet, Facebook, Instagram and so on constantly about their experiences, some of which have been put together for them. But mostly, they are being left to enjoy and learn to #LoveCapeTown like we do … all on their own.

And that is how you use something as virtual as the internet to make a very real and tangible impact… Relevent I.T indeed


Every time we talk about cars, we tend to focus on the shiny new ones that come with standard, factory-installed gadgets and the like.

But we all know that Cape Town has a very well defined car modification sub-culture and it’s about time that we have a show that caters for them.

Enter The Best of the Cape auto show.

Jonathan Doolabh is the GM for Driven-SA – an online and hard copy magazine that’s putting together this show at Grand West on Saturday the 12th of October.

I know there’s a lot of guys who spend all their time and energy on their rides, fitting free-flow exhaust systems, wings, flared wheel arches, dropped suspensions, colourful chassis lighting and so much more.

Jonathan says it’s exactly these guys and girls they are looking for. He says the show is not all about showing off though, as a lot of those dabbling in custom car builds love to learn from each other.

The event will also showcase various car clubs, manufacturers and dealers showing off their latest designs as well as bikes, off-roads, show and shine and various demos.

Jonathan says entry is free.

So, if your car has got what it takes, be at GrandWest before the show opens at 10am on Saturday the 12th of October. You can get more information by emailing


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