Fleur van Eeden & Drew Barrymore

Our Charlize stars in the new Mad Max – now meet mad Fleur, her stunt double from Cape Town

You may be tempted to flirt with Fleur van Eeden but you definitely do not want to mess with her. She’s a local stunt girl who has doubled for Drew Barrymore (photo above) and Charlize Theron. Fleur very recently daredevilled for Claire Danes in Homeland’s fourth season, which was filmed in Cape Town. She has also worked with a major candidate for coolest man on earth – Samuel L. Jackson.

Fleur van Eeden (in the black wig right) with Samuel L. Jackson

Fleur van Eeden (in the black wig on the right) with Samuel L. Jackson


She is joining Eloise in studio this week to talk about her lust for life and all the mad action you can see in this crazy clip:

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