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Smile Secret Sound: April

Tuesday 3 April

  • A nerf gun being loaded and shot
  • Throwing a dart into a dart board


Wednesday 4 April

  • A briefcase being closed and locked
  • Starting the pilot light of a gas stove
  • When you close and lock a sliding door


Thursday 5 April

  • A ball being bounced and then caught
  • A seatbelt being pulled and put into a seatbelt clip
  • A passport being stamped and closed


Friday 6 April

  • Removing the styrofoam packaging from a new product
  • The hatch-back of a modern car closing automatically
  • Cutting a watermelon on a wooden plank


Monday 9 April

  • Opening the door of a microwave oven
  • Closing a room door
  • The sound of a potato chip cutter


Tuesday 10 April

  • Inserting a knife into a knife block
  • Cutting biltong with a biltong cutter
  • A slide-cellphone opening and closing


Wednesday 11 April

  • Cutting through an onion on a wooden chopping block
  • Closing a car’s sun-visor mirror and flipping it up
  • Chopping a piece of wood with an axe with a piece of the wood falling off


Thursday 12 April

  • A locking mechanism on a safe
  • A paper punch punching a hole
  • A page being turned and stamped


Friday 13 April

  • The button on a kettle
  • Scissors cutting through paper
  • Opening a can with a can opener


Monday 16 April

  • Pulling the cord on a vacuum cleaner and pushing the button
  • Removing a paper cup from the dispenser on a water cooler
  • Removing the lid of a self-open tin and putting the tin down


Tuesday 17 April

  • Opening an umbrella
  • A paper towel dispenser in a public toilet
  • Cutting a potato on a wooden chopping block


Wednesday 18 April

  • A magnet sticking to metal
  • Throwing a piece of meat on a wooden board and chopping it
  • A cucumber being sliced on a wooden board


Thursday 19 April

  • Opening a briefcase
  • A guillotine cutting through a ream of paper
  • Cutting through a Granny Smith apple on a wooden chopping block


Friday 20 April

  • The locking mechanism when closing a safe
  • Biting into an apple
  • A biltong cutter cutting a thick piece of biltong


Monday 23 April

  • Pressing down on a self-inking stamp
  • Opening a cardboard box
  • Turning a page and stamping the next page


Tuesday 24 April

  • Pulling on a toilet roll before you tear a piece off
  • The child-proof button on a bottle
  • Shuffling a deck of cards


Wednesday 25 April

  • A heavy duty stapler
  • Closing the cubby-hole of a car or bakkie
  • A paper punch punching through paper


Thursday 26 April

  • Cutting a gem squash with a sharp knife on a wooden chopping board
  • A claw-grabbing machine picking up a soft toy and dropping it
  • A dart going into a dart board


Friday 27 April

  • A car door locking
  • Locking a key-chain security latch lock
  • Opening, squirting and closing of a Handy Andy bottle


Monday 30 April

  • An old rotary phone clicking when the dial returns
  • A milk bottle being opened
  • Cutting an apple on a wooden chopping board