Smile Secret Sound: August

Wednesday 01 August

  • A wooden coaster being dropped on a kitchen counter
  • Opening a poster tube
  • The first two or three pop corn kernels falling into a pot
  • A record falling into its place inside a jukebox
  • Somebody working on a till
  • A truck starting up


Thursday 02 August

  • Water being blocked as it runs out of the bath
  • The sound the first battery makes when replacing torch batteries
  • A shovel scraping against gravel
  • A pellet drum
  • A cow bell
  • A fidget spinner with extra magnets


Friday 03 August

  • Cricket wickets being bowled over
  • Playing putt-putt
  • When you pull the lever and the coins drop from an old coin machine
  • Opening a tin of motor oil at the garage
  • Musical clappers
  • The lid of a tin of shoe polish when you open it


Monday 06 August

  • Pebbles that drop on the ground
  • A copper bracelet falling on a wooden surface
  • Putting a cover on a stove plate
  • The lid of a glass jar falling on a tiled floor
  • A pin falling on a metal plate
  • A hubcap falling on a tar road


Tuesday 07 August

  • Releasing the metal plate of a Snackwich machine
  • A blender ball
  • Dropping a coin into a half-empty piggy bank
  • Pick-up-sticks going back into the tin
  • Putting a dish in a microwave


Wednesday 08 August

  • Putting a flat metal lid on a pan on the stove
  • A toilet roll dispenser in a public toilet
  • A half-empty shoe polish tin falling on the floor
  • The last bean in a coffee machine
  • A car’s hubcap falling on the floor
  • A melamine plate falling on a counter top


Friday 10 August

  • Knocking over a 500ml spring-water bottle on a melamine counter top
  • Change falling out of a public phone
  • The ring inside a microwave oven that the plate rests on
  • Playing Tiddlywinks and the tiddlywink goes into the cup
  • Putting a CD onto a CD spindle
  • Making salad with a Twister
  • Picking up a pencil and dropping it on a surface
  • The starter motor of a car
  • A metal cap from a glass bottle falling on a kitchen counter and stopped by hand
  • Putting the top back onto a plastic cool-drink bottle
  • A djembe drum
  • Putting down the lid of a potjie on a granite surface


Monday 13 August

  • A teaspoon being placed in a sink
  • Shaking a metal container containing wooden pieces
  • A tape measure rolling back
  • An empty 500ml water bottle falling onto a counter top
  • A large pencil sharpener used in a woodwork classroom
  • Pulling toilet paper from the roll


Tuesday 14 August

  • Putting the plate back in a microwave oven
  • Bamboo wind chimes blowing in the wind
  • The sound it makes when you’re pulling on a Carlton roll
  • Putting a CD in the tray before you play it
  • A few cloves of garlic being chopped with a blitzer
  • When doing washing in a washing machine and it spins


Wednesday 15 August

  • A turnstile gate when walking into a shop
  • A used coffee pod falling through the machine
  • The lid of a salt or pepper grinder falling on a counter top
  • Pulling up the handbrake of a car
  • A hubcap falling on the floor at a fitment centre
  • The notification sound on a cellphone when a WhatsApp comes through