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Smile Secret Sound: February

Secret Sound Guesses – February

Thursday 1 February

  • Dominoes standing up and then falling over
  • Putting paper through a shredder
  • Putting a pot on the stove when there’s water underneath

Friday 2 February

  • Bubble wrap being popped
  • A block and chain
  • Pasta rolling through a pasta machine

Monday 5 February

  • Cutting through a watermelon with a knife
  • A Yankee pump action screwdriver
  • Something falling out of a vending machine

Tuesday 6 February

  • A wall-mounted manual coffee grinder
  • Shuffling dominoes
  • Pushing the button on a vape or e-sigarette

Wednesday 7 February

  • Putting a bag of groceries down on a counter
  • A pestle and mortar
  • The sound of grinding glass

Thursday 8 February

  • A comb-binder for binding books
  • A knife cutting through vegetables on a chopping board
  • When a tree falls after chopping it down
  • Rubbing two stones together

Friday 9 February

  • Pulling on the plastic packaging inside a cereal box
  • A ring-binder machine
  • Unwrapping, biting and chewing a Crunchy chocolate
  • Riffling a deck of playing cards

Monday 12 February

  • The crackling of burning wood on a braai fire
  • Sucking the last bit of cool-drink in a can through a straw
  • Dragging a suitcase with wheels
  • Tearing cling film off from the roll

Tuesday 13 February

  • An old manual credit card machine
  • A metal chain being put on the ground
  • Ice cubes into cold water
  • Himalayan pink salt grinder

Wednesday 14 February

  • Closing up a box with box tape
  • Unfolding the silver sunshield for the windscreen of your car
  • A Venetian blind pulled up or let down

Thursday 15 February

  • Letting pages run through your fingers
  • Ice crushing from an ice dispenser
  • Cutting through paper with scissors

Friday 16 February

  • A combine harvester
  • Turning the lever on a gum-ball machine
  • A packet of noodles being crushed

Monday 19 February

  • The plastic bag dispenser for fruit and veggies
  • Coal briquettes being dispensed from the bag
  • Sharpening a knife on a stone
  • Crushing salt and coriander in a pestle and mortar

Tuesday 20 February

  • Wiggling ice cubes out of a tray
  • A pestle and mortar
  • An emergency tool bag pulled out the boot of a Hyundai Tuscon
  • Cutting celery ribs on a wooden board

Wednesday 21 February

  • The wheels of a skateboard
  • Packing billiard balls in the triangle and dropping the 8-ball in
  • Dropping venetian blinds fast

Thursday 22 February

  • Cutting through an onion on a wooden block
  • Cutting through a slice of toast
  • Removing a pot plant from its pot

Friday 23 February

  • A packet of nuts and bolts emptied onto a table
  • Crumpling up an envelope that’s been opened
  • Opening and unrolling a roll of tin foil

Monday 26 February

  • The sound of someone getting out of a car
  • Sizzling sound of meat on the braai
  • Ice being crushed by an ice pick
  • Ice cubes being dropped into a glass
  • The sound you hear in between songs on a record
  • The balls being released from inside a pool table

Tuesday 27 February

  • Pushing a potato through a chip cutting machine
  • Putting ice blocks into a glass
  • Putting crushed ice into a glass
  • The needle on a record when the record stops

Wednesday 28 February

  • A wooden roller-top desk being closed
  • A hand towel dispenser
  • A manual potato masher being pushed down