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Cape Town's best mix
of the 80's, 90's and now
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Smile Secret Sound: July

Monday 09 July

  • Inflating your tyres and the airline runs back into the holder
  • The hubcap of an old VW Beetle wobbling on the ground
  • The steam valve on top of a pressure cooker
  • A sewing machine
  • The lid of a paint tin wobbling on the ground
  • Popcorn in a pot starting to pop


Tuesday 10 July

  • Dropping a pen into a stationary holder on your desk
  • A metal lid falling onto a kitchen counter
  • Dropping a wooden venetian blind onto the window sill
  • Crumpling up a piece of paper
  • Starting up a car with no petrol
  • Taking a CD out of its case and dropping it onto a table


Wednesday 11 July

  • Releasing the spring of a pinball machine
  • The garbage disposal unit in the kitchen sink
  • A toothbrush being put back in a cup
  • The second hand on a wall clock
  • A wedding band that drops onto a counter top
  • Putting a metal lid onto a glass bottle


Thursday 12 July

  • A globe map
  • Putting the lid on a three legged pot
  • A vacuum cleaner’s cord sliding back into its compartment
  • A pan being dropped, wobbling and then stopped
  • Switching on an electric biltong cutter
  • Loading a new ball into a pinball machine


Friday 13 July

  • A circular plastic coaster dropped on a table
  • A potjie pot lid wobbling and coming to rest
  • Putting fruit inside a fruit juicer machine
  • A roulette ball spinning in its wheel
  • Putting a knife back in a knife holder
  • Putting the cover of the pool weir down on the ground


Monday 16 July

  • Dropping a spoon into a flask bottle
  • When you drop a ping pong ball on a table
  • Starting a generator
  • Coins being dropped on laminated wooden flooring
  • A petrol pump calculator
  • Putting the lid back onto a canned fruit bottle


Tuesday 17 July

  • Putting a bar of soap back in the soap holder
  • A wooden board being dropped on a tile floor
  • An industrial stapler
  • Knocking over a plastic drinking glass
  • Putting down a bunch of keys
  • A wooden chopping block wobbling on a counter top


Wednesday 18 July

  • A tile being dragged on cement
  • Throwing a stainless steel bottle in the trash
  • The lid of a pot on the stove wobbling because of steam
  • A roulette ball settling into position on the roulette wheel
  • Spinning a CD with your hand making it wobble


Thursday 19 July

  • Change falling out of the machine when you pay for your parking
  • The change return at a Spar checkout counter
  • Gym weights falling on the floor
  • Throwing pet food pellets into a stainless steel bowl
  • A broomstick falling on a tile floor
  • A coin falling into the change tray of a parking ticket machine


Friday 20 July

  • A plastic plate falling and hitting the floor
  • Sharpening a serrated knife on a knife sharpener
  • Turning the lever on a gum-ball machine
  • A car going over a loose manhole cover
  • The sound an office chair makes when you sit down or get up
  • A marble falling on a glass plate being stopped by hand





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