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Smile Secret Sound: June

Friday 01 June

  • A coin being dropped into an empty money tin
  • A lottery ball falling into the slot when a number is revealed
  • Bamboo wind chimes
  • The hubcap of a car falling
  • Dropping a CD onto a table
  • The metal top of a jam jar or mayonnaise jar falling


Monday 04 June

  • A manhole cover being placed back
  • A R5 coin dropping from your handbag onto a table
  • The last bit of water being drained from a stainless steel sink
  • Bumping into a pantry shelf making the items on the shelf rattle
  • A metal plate wobbling on a table being stopped by hand
  • Pulling toilet paper from a metal dispenser on the wall


Tuesday 05 June

  • A small Vicks tub falling on a counter
  • Pulling a plate out from a stack of plates
  • Throwing a coaster down on a table
  • A coin dropped into a money box at a toll gate
  • Popcorn in a pot on the stove
  • A roulette ball falling into the number


Wednesday 06 June

  • Taking the lid off and putting it back on a plastic pot of ointment
  • The sound of rolling dice
  • Running a metal pipe across a piano’s pipes
  • A plastic plate falling and wobbling on a counter being stopped
  • A CD dropping on a table
  • Dropping a PVC pipe on a table


Thursday 07 June

  • Blinds that are lowered
  • Slurping the last bit of milkshake through a straw
  • The lid of a pot falling on a table, spinning and stopped
  • A lotto ball rolling into the number slot
  • The last bit of water draining from a sink
  • Placing a CD in the CD tray of a computer


Friday 08 June

  • Taking a hubcap off and putting it on the ground
  • A ball spinning on a roulette table
  • A soup spoon being put down
  • Flushing a toilet with an empty cistern
  • Opening and closing a ladder
  • Switching on a biltong machine to cut biltong


Monday 11 June

  • Dropping a vuvuzela on a table
  • A turnstile
  • An ice maker
  • Closing the lid of a toilet cistern
  • Trying to start an off-road motorbike
  • Changing the spool in  an old camera and the back flips open


Tuesday 12 June

  • Pulling toilet paper from a toilet roll
  • Slurping the last bit of liquid from a glass with a straw
  • Putting pool cues down on a pool table
  • A cool-drink can dropped into a metal waste bin
  • Starting up a generator
  • Putting a tea cup into a saucer


Wednesday 13 June

  • Starting up a weed-eater and the nylon hits the shield
  • A coin being dropped on a table with someone putting their hand over it
  • A broomstick falling on the ground
  • Your change dropping out of the parking pay machine
  • Placing a lid on a pot
  • A soda can dropping


Thursday 14 June

  • Closing the door of a safe
  • Pulling the top off a tin can
  • The marble in a spray paint canister
  • A key going into a door lock
  • A spinning top spinning on an uneven surface
  • A coin falling right through a parking pay machine


Friday 15 June

  • A piece of uncooked pasta falling into a metal pot
  • A can dropping out of a vending machine
  • The lid of a paint tin falling on a flat surface
  • Starting up a lawnmower
  • Pushing in the tray of a dishwashing machine
  • Paying for your parking and the change falls into the dispenser


Monday 18 June

  • Dropping a wheel nut into a hubcap when changing a tyre
  • Dropping something in a Pringles tin
  • Spinning a melamine plate on a counter top and stopping it with your finger
  • Starting a lawnmower


Tuesday 19 June

  • The pins falling down in ten pin bowling
  • Popcorn popping in a pot
  • Pushing one shopping trolley into another one
  • Pushing the button on an old fashioned push-style ashtray
  • Dragging empty cans behind a wedding car
  • A metal bottle cap falling on a wooden surface


Wednesday 20 June

  • A bottle top falling on a counter
  • An automated curtain rail with the hooks opening and closing
  • A spinning wheel being stopped by hand
  • A wicket falling in a cricket game
  • Opening a tin with a tin opener
  • A wooden spoon falling on a table


Thursday 21 June

  • An empty toilet roll spinning on the toilet roll holder
  • A turkey gobbling
  • Putting the first coin into a savings tin
  • The petrol attendant taking the hose off the petrol pump
  • A kitchen blender being turned off
  • An old Guerrilla steering wheel lock


Friday 22 June

  • A coffee grinder
  • Dropping a plastic lid onto a counter
  • The machine shooting out clay pigeons
  • Putting a cover on a stove plate
  • Throwing a can into a bin
  • The sound of a wooden xylophone