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Smile Secret Sound: March

Thursday 1 March

  • The sound the wheels of a drawer make when you pull it out
  • Twisting an ice tray to release the ice cubes
  • Cutting through a head of lettuce on a wooden board
  • Ice being crushed
  • A ball spinning around on a roulette wheel
  • A stone spice grinder

Friday 2 March

  • A glass bottle rolling over sand
  • Someone opening their mail
  • A strong room or safe door closing
  • A rollercoaster starting the ride
  • The washing powder drawer on a front loader washing machine opening and closing
  • Popping ice out of an ice tray

Monday 5 March

  • Unlocking a key chain latch lock
  • Pulling apart two pieces of Velcro
  • A bank bag full of coins being dropped on a table
  • The chain on a racing bicycle when changing gears
  • Cutting open a box sealed with box tape
  • Opening an umbrella

Tuesday 6 March

  • Taking a pie out of the foil packaging
  • Moving a rock with your foot on a sandy floor
  • Pouring a liquid over ice blocks
  • A salt grinder
  • The sound of egg shells breaking
  • Ice being dispensed out of an ice dispenser

Wednesday 7 March

  • A full dirt bag being removed from the bin
  • A spice grinder
  • A vacuum sealer
  • A grinding stone
  • Ice skates on ice
  • A slinky toy going down stairs

Thursday 8 March

  • Closing a wooden bread bin
  • Using an electric arc welder
  • When you scratch on sandpaper
  • Shuffling a pack of cards
  • Cutting paper with a guillotine
  • Crushing of an empty 5-litre water bottle

Friday 9 March

  • Pieces of wood burning and collapsing in a fire
  • An old desktop pencil sharpener
  • A vinyl record player
  • Scrabble letters pouring out
  • A granite pestle and mortar
  • A Harley Davidson starting up

Monday 12 March

  • Tiles cracking
  • Grinding pepper corns with a pestle and mortar
  • Dragging a chain across the floor
  • Spreading butter on a piece of toast
  • Opening and closing a security door, like a Trellidor
  • A biltong cutter
  • A paper punch
  • Cutting a tile with a grinding machine
  • Opening a can by pulling the tab back

Tuesday 13 March

  • Cutting the plastic off a 6-pack on a table
  • Wrapping safety plastic around a suitcase at the airport
  • A pestle and mortar
  • A dome tent popping up
  • Removing an ink cartridge from the packaging and inserting it into a printer
  • Closing a big safe
  • Water running over an ice tray and cracking the ice
  • A chip maker
  • The box of a mig welder and then the fan
  • Putting a chain down on a counter

Wednesday 14 March

  • Windscreen wipers going back and forth
  • Rain falling on a windscreen and the wipers moving
  • Poker chips falling on each other
  • A money counting machine in a bank
  • Defrosting a freezer and the ice drops
  • A manual coffee grinder
  • Opening a wrapper, like a packet of chips
  • Rain falling on a motor car’s roof
  • Cutting paper with scissors

Thursday 15 March

  • The rollers on a curtain rail
  • Putting crisps in your mouth and biting down
  • Munching on a snack
  • Opening a box of easter eggs and pouring them out
  • Removing the film covering on a microwaveable food item
  • A guillotine cutting through a pile of paper
  • Spreading butter on toast with a knife

Friday 16 March

  • Cutting a pizza with a pizza cutter – CORRECT – R50 000 WINNER!



Monday 19 March

  • Flipping a page and stamping the next one
  • A wooden drawer being closed
  • Punching paper

Tuesday 20 March

  • A train riding on tracks
  • Cutting through an apple with a knife on a wooden board
  • Opening blinds

Wednesday 21 March

  • A guillotine cutting paper
  • Pushing a straw through the lid of a take-away cup and the straw hitting the bottom
  • A Rubik’s Cube

Thursday 22 March

  • A paper punch going down and coming back up
  • Putting your credit card into an ATM
  • Paper being cut by a guillotine

Friday 23 March

  • Biting into a Granny Smith apple
  • A library book being stamped
  • An old ink-pad stamp

Monday 26 March

  • Opening a car door
  • A date stamp
  • Hitting a bass drum and cymbal on a drum set

Tuesday 27 March

  • Sealing a box
  • An apple being cut on a wooden board with a sharp knife
  • Opening a box

Wednesday 28 March

  • Cutting through a potato on a wooden chopping board
  • A wooden cupboard being closed and locked
  • Bouncing a ping pong ball into a paper cup

Thursday 29 March

  • Pressing a button on a desk phone
  • Opening and closing a door