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Smile Secret Sound: May

Tuesday 01 May

  • Closing the lid on a lunch box
  • A black bag being put into a rubbish bin


Wednesday 02 May

  • Opening a jar of mayonnaise and putting the lid down
  • An apple corer coring an apple


Thursday 03 May

  • Paper being stapled with a stapler
  • A dart being thrown into a dart board
  • Cutting a carrot on a chopping board


Friday 04 May

  • Cutting through a gem squash on a wooden board
  • A guillotine cutting paper
  • A kitchen knife going into a knife block


Monday 07 May

  • Pressing the button on a microwave to open the door
  • Tearing open a box and taking something out
  • A horse’s hoof landing on a wooden surface
  • Opening the latch of a briefcase
  • The latch of a door when you open it and lock it
  • A drop of water falling into an empty bucket


Tuesday 08 May

  • Putting a key into a car’s ignition and turning it on
  • A stamp on an ink pad and then on paper
  • An automated garage door closing
  • Putting ice into a glass and then pouring the liquid
  • Taking a box of cereal from a cupboard
  • Popping the cork on a bottle of champagne


Wednesday 09 May

  • Opening and closing a bread bin
  • The closing of a cooler box
  • Cutting through a watermelon on a wooden board
  • When you close the boot of a car
  • Making a photocopy and the machine ejecting the paper
  • Putting rubbish into a swing bin


Thursday 10 May

  • A post office stamp
  • A sellotape dispenser
  • Opening a drawer
  • The popping up of a toaster
  • Pushing a sliding shower door
  • A cash drawer


Friday 11 May

  • The sound when you’re opening a can
  • Cutting biltong with a manual biltong cutter
  • A mic that’s switched on and put down
  • When you throw a dart into a dartboard
  • Taking a mic from the stand and putting it on a wooden table
  • Pressing down on a self-inking stamp


Monday 14 May

  • Working on a horse’s shoe
  • Chopping through a cabbage with a meat cleaver
  • Moving a stack of playing cards onto a table and lifting one card
  • Closing a small bar-fridge’s door
  • The sound of a briefcase opening
  • An eggbeater being ejected from an electric whisk


Tuesday 15 May

  • Cutting through a ‘mielie’ on a wooden board
  • Firing off a bow and arrow
  • A barrel bolt lock when you slide it over and press it down
  • Plugging a cordless kettle into its base and switching it on
  • Closing the locking mechanism on a lever arch file
  • A paper punch punching holes in paper


Wednesday 16 May

  • Cutting through a gem squash on a wooden board
  • Removing and throwing away an empty toilet roll
  • A paper punch being pressed down and released
  • A knife cutting through an apple on a chopping board
  • Pulling off the aluminium foil from a tin to open it
  • Paging through a book before closing it


Thursday 17 May

  • Cutting through a piece of meat with the knife hitting the cutting board
  • Scanning a library book before you can take it out
  • A newspaper being delivered and thrown against a garage door
  • A stapler
  • Pushing the stop button then releasing the pause button on a cassette player


Friday 18 May

  • Putting paper into a printer and pressing the button
  • Closing and locking a drawer
  • A judge in court slamming down his gavel
  • Putting on a microphone
  • The ring binder on a file opening and closing
  • Cracking a boiled egg


Monday 21 May

  • Kinetic sand being cut through with a knife
  • A cabbage being chopped on a chopping board
  • Opening the card on a package from the courier
  • A tennis ball machine dropping a ball
  • A knife cutting through an apple on a cutting board
  • Putting the lid on a plastic container
  • A liquid soap dispenser
  • A nutcracker
  • Dropping the reclining arm-rest on an office chair
  • Pulling a piece of paper towel from a paper towel dispenser
  • Driving over a reflector in the road
  • A motor car’s door locking and unlocking
  • Sucking on a straw drinking milkshake and blocking it with your tongue
  • Changing gears in your car


Tuesday 22 May

  • Opening and closing a lever tap
  • Picking up a pen or pencil and writing your shopping list
  • Putting bread into a toaster and it pops up
  • The handle of a car door
  • Clicking in the buckle of a car safety belt
  • A car door closing
  • A kitchen cupboard closing
  • A judge hitting his gavel
  • Putting the lid on a take-away cup of coffee – WINNER – R50 000!




Monday 28 May

  • The lid of a pot or a pan falling
  • A coin being dropped into a machine
  • A plug that is being switched on
  • A golf ball dropping into the hole
  • Putting the hub cap on after changing a tyre
  • The sound of popcorn popping


Tuesday 29 May

  • The lid of a sugar pot falling on a melamine counter top
  • A wobbly microwave oven plate
  • A plastic plate that has fallen on the floor
  • A cool-drink can coming out of a vending machine
  • Making popcorn the old way in a metal pot with a lid on
  • A parking pay-station machine returning your change


Wednesday 30 May

  • Dropping a stainless steel spoon into a glass cup
  • Dropping a broom onto the floor
  • A toilet that’s being flushed
  • Pots falling and being stopped
  • A Consol glass jar’s lid when it falls
  • A pan falling


Thursday 31 May

  • The needle of a sewing machine going through fabric
  • The starter motor of a car turning over
  • Dropping the lid of a shoe polish tin on the floor
  • A ball spinning on a roulette wheel and landing in the slot
  • A steel plate falling on the ground
  • Change coming out of a vending machine