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Smile Secret Sound: November

Thursday 01 November

  • A Trellidor being slammed shut and opened
  • Putting a coin into a jukebox
  • A dog’s bowl falling on the ground
  • A hula ring falling on the floor
  • A coaster that’s stuck underneath a glass falling on the counter
  • A hand held food chopper


Friday 02 November

  • An empty polish tin falling, rolling and coming to a stop
  • Throwing charcoal into a braai
  • The back cover of a cellphone falling on a table
  • The handle of a shopping basket falling over
  • A can of soft drink dropping from a dispensing machine
  • Glass pieces falling in place inside an old fashioned kaleidoscope


Monday 05 November

  • The ball falling into the slot on a Roulette table
  • A roller shutter being closed
  • A pool’s weir lid spinning and then being stopped by hand
  • The flap on your vehicle that covers the petrol inlet
  • An old school chain lock
  • The black hole at the museum where you put coins in and they go round and round


Tuesday 06 November

  • The lid of a Mason glass utensil bottle
  • The louvre on a security shutter being opened or closed
  • A pull-switch light
  • An old jukebox
  • A roll holder dispensing unit


Wednesday 07 November

  • The little white ball coming to rest on a Roulette table
  • Pushing a trolley on a tiled floor in a mall
  • Pulling the key-card from the lock on a hotel room door
  • Batteries popping out of a loudspeaker when you remove the back cover
  • A flourescent light popping
  • Putting ice into a Russel Hobbs ice maker before you crush it


Friday 09 November

  • Dropping the lid of the weir basket and standing on it
  • Playing bowls and the balls crash into each other
  • Water going down a plug-hole drain
  • A ruler vibrating off the edge of a table
  • Pushing the button on a self-cleaning ash tray
  • Skittle bottles falling over when you bowl them over
  • The clashing of thunder clouds
  • A bicycle wheel spinning on a tile floor
  • Stainless steel tumblers falling on a hard surface


Monday 12 November

  • Punching in the price on an old cash machine
  • A golf ball falling into the hole on a golf green
  • Dropping ice cubes into a Russell Hobbs blender
  • A large wind-up clock just before it reaches the hour mark
  • Dropping ice cubes into a smoothie maker and switching it on
  • Taking the nozzle out of the petrol pump at a garage


Tuesday 13 November

  • The latch on the inside of a bathroom cubicle
  • The ball holder of the Lotto machine
  • A hole in one with a putt-putt ball
  • A hole in one with a golf ball
  • The parking ticketing machine at the mall dispensing a ticket
  • Putting a phone into the car’s hands-free kit


Wednesday 14 November

  • A photography studio strobe light
  • The spring action of a corkscrew
  • The ball falling into the slot on a Roulette wheel
  • A toothbrush falling into a toothbrush holder
  • A vehicle going over a cattle gate


Thursday 15 November

  • The last skittle in a round of ten-pin bowling
  • The ball on a Roulette wheel
  • One of the arms moving on a wall clock
  • Starting up an engine
  • Dentures falling into a hand basin
  • A car’s hubcap rolling on the ground


Friday 16 November

  • Throwing change onto the console of a car
  • The porcelain lid of a toilet’s tank
  • Putting a money bag of coins on a scale


Monday 19 November

  • Putting a toilet brush back in its holder – WINNER – R100 000!





Tuesday 20 November

  • Swatting a fly
  • Striking a gym bag
  • A stapler gun
  • Closing the toilet top lid
  • A hardcover book smashing down on a table
  • Throwing a netball on the ground


Wednesday 21 November

  • A sliding door closing
  • Someone giving someone else a high five
  • Closing a Tupperware lunch box


Thursday 22 November

  • Closing a fridge door
  • Slapping two pieces of wood together
  • Closing a chest freezer
  • Dropping a bottle top
  • Shaking out a bath towel
  • Cutting something on a chopping board


Friday 23 November

  • Closing a waste bin’s lid
  • Shooting an elastic band at a page
  • Hitting a steak with a wooden mallet on a wooden board
  • The sound of a stapler
  • Cutting up a pizza
  • Slamming shut a bathroom cupboard


Monday 26 November

  • Your passport being date stamped at customs
  • Closing a wooden desk drawer
  • Snapping shut a spectacle case
  • A car door closing
  • The sound it makes when you pull a Christmas cracker
  • The security door at the bank when you enter


Tuesday 27 November

  • Moving the indicator lever in your car up or down
  • Swatting a fly with a fly swatter
  • Throwing a dart and it hits the dartboard
  • Two magnets connecting together on a handbag
  • A microwave oven’s door slamming shut
  • Closing and clipping in a sliding window


Wednesday 28 November

  • The sound of the latch when you close a briefcase
  • Bouncing your car’s spare tyre on the floor
  • A turnstile gate closing at the mall
  • A cellphone’s magnetic flap closing
  • Putting a fridge magnet on a fridge – WINNER – R50 000!