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Smile Secret Sound: October

Monday 01 October

  • Putting a string of pearls down on a glass table
  • Somebody making popcorn
  • When you open a gazebo bag in the garage and the poles fall out
  • The disc of a grinder falling on a hard surface
  • Opening the lid of an old Milo tin and it wobbles
  • Putting a bunch of keys down on a counter


Tuesday 02 October

  • A R2 coin falling out of the machine when you pay for parking
  • The last water running out of a drain
  • Rolling tyres downhill and they fall over on a cement floor
  • Pulling open the tip of a plastic muffin container
  • Your change falling out of the machine when you pay at the Spar
  • A hard plastic tubing pipe falling and being pressed down


Wednesday 03 October

  • A polish tin lid falling on the floor
  • Opening a tin with a rotary can opener
  • An electric ice crusher
  • An office electronic paper shredder


Thursday 04 October

  • Pot lids rattling when opening a pot drawer
  • Putting a CD into a CD player and closing the lid
  • An old copy machine
  • When a clay pigeon leaves the device
  • Throwing a hoop over wooden blocks at the fun fair
  • A mobile jack under a car


Monday 08 October

  • A clay pigeon launcher
  • Throwing the dice when playing snakes and ladders
  • When playing Bingo and the number gets released
  • Dominoes falling over
  • A turnstile when you’re entering the supermarket
  • Slurping the last little bit of Coke from a tin


Tuesday 09 October

  • When you release the gas on an old soda-stream machine
  • Lifting the toilet lid banging it against the cistern
  • A canned fruit bottle’s lid that falls on a counter
  • A plastic board falling onto a surface
  • A lid being placed onto a pot
  • A smiley badge wobbling on a table


Wednesday 10 October

  • Change dispensed from a parking pay machine
  • Putting the lid on a Kenwood Chef machine
  • The ball inside a spray can
  • Target shooting on a canned fruit can
  • When your ring falls down the basin and lands in the elbow pipe
  • Pull starting an engine like on a lawnmower


Thursday 11 October

  • Releasing the money slot of a washing machine at the laundromat
  • Closing an a-frame aluminium step ladder
  • The ball of a Fuss-ball game falling through
  • Kick starting a ‘poegie’ and it doesn’t start
  • A plunger type sink plug that falls into place
  • Taking off and dropping the lid of your cappuccino


Monday 15 October

  • A shaker with a silver spiral ball inside
  • Pick-up sticks being put back inside the holder
  • A smaller pot’s lid falling into a larger pot
  • Tent poles banging together
  • Opening a Yale lock with a key
  • A stainless steel cup falling and bouncing
  • The remote-control motor of a garage door
  • The metal lever setting different heights on an ironing board
  • A rope ladder with wooden steps that is rolled out in the air
  • Loading gravel with a spade into a concrete mixer
  • An air hockey puck that drops into the opponent’s goal
  • Changing gears on a bicycle


Tuesday 16 October

  • When your tooth is pulled and the dentist throws it into a bowl
  • An oil lamp’s lantern glass tipping over
  • The sound of the spring on a steel dustbin lid
  • Dropping a coin into a blender
  • When you’re starting your car and the Bendix doesn’t kick in
  • A tennis racket falling on the ground
  • Boiled eggs rolling in a pot when tilting the pot
  • Unscrewing a Consol bottle’s lid
  • Sharpening a pencil in an electric pencil sharpener
  • Glow sticks being dropped back in their tin container
  • The metal ball spiral shaped whisk dropped in a plastic protein shaker
  • A metal baseball bat falling on dusty ground
  • A den-den daiko
  • Putting a plate in the microwave oven
  • A golf ball falling into the putting hole on the 18th
  • A dog dropping its empty food bowl from its mouth
  • Three tins stacked on each other and thrown over by a tennis ball
  • Putting the round silver flusher back in the cistern after filling it with grey water


Wednesday 17 October

  • An enamel bowl being dropped on a granite counter
  • A dustbin in a mall with a swinging lid
  • Putting a R10 note into a tokens machine at the arcade and the tokens fall out
  • The lotto ball dropping out of the lotto machine
  • A cordless kettle being put back onto its base
  • Locking your steering by pulling the thief lock out to fit the steering wheel
  • A wooden percussion frog
  • Lifting the lid of a man-hole and dropping it on cement
  • Pool balls dropping on a coin operated pool table
  • A plastic plate falling on a hard surface
  • A weight being removed from a scale
  • The inside of a cowbell being rattled by a wooden stick
  • A roadworks machine pounding down the tar
  • The sound an elevator makes when it stops
  • Turning the final turn on a numbers lock
  • Putting a teaspoon into an empty small yoghurt holder
  • A disposable razor falling into the basin while shaving
  • The noise made by tins dragging behind a bridal car


Thursday 18 October

  • The weight on the nozzle of a pressure cooker
  • An office stamp with a mechanism
  • Spinning the Smile Breakfast wheel of kindness
  • A bucket lid falling and spinning
  • The sound the lighthouse makes when it turns
  • The ‘coin-drop’ notification sound on a cellphone
  • The sound the ball makes when it comes off the Roulette table
  • A petrol pump nozzle going into a car
  • A sweet being shaken in a small tin


Monday 22 October

  • A used coffee capsule that is ejected inside a coffee machine
  • Twisting the lid of a pressure cooker to close it
  • The sound of the ball on a roulette wheel
  • A dirt lorry loading the dirt from the dustbin
  • A shopping trolley
  • Operating a wheel loader


Tuesday 23 October

  • A rolling pin
  • A lorry’s tailgate being closed
  • Putting the hose back into the petrol pump after filling up
  • Drawing a curtain with round curtain rings on a steel curtain rail
  • A lorgnettes being folded closed
  • An aluminium pot falling and coming to rest


Wednesday 24 October

  • Putting the ring of the toilet back down
  • Sticks knocking against a palisade fence
  • Putting a fluorescent bulb into its socket
  • Twisting the top off a glass water bottle and putting it down
  • When the ball rolls in a roulette wheel and comes to a stop
  • A push lawnmower with spinning rotating blades


Thursday 25 October

  • A coin in a busker’s bucket
  • A cigarette lighter on the console of a motorcar
  • The last bit of gut from a weed-eater when you switch it off
  • A gun shot and the empty casing falling on the floor
  • A round wooden lid falling on a kitchen counter
  • A tin lid of a cookie jar that spins on a table top


Friday 26 October

  • A lottery ball that drops and then stops
  • A lawnmower
  • Putting a coin into a machine and pulling a lever
  • Opening up an umbrella
  • A hula hoop rolling down a passage and settling on the floor
  • A lorry with scaffolding on that’s moving


Monday 29 October

  • A steel colander
  • Removing a key from a door latch
  • An air hockey puck dropping out the bottom of the table
  • Coffee beans in a coffee grinder
  • The drain strainer in a kitchen sink
  • An empty 100g yoghurt container rolling and coming to a stop


Tuesday 30 October

  • Closing a lock of a jail cell on Robben Island
  • A small stainless steel peddle bin opening and closing
  • When you click or swipe your phone to activate it
  • Opening a ring-pull tin can
  • The sound of a zip
  • Snapping open a curtain with wooden curtain rings on a wooden rail


Wednesday 31 October

  • The blade of a helicopter just before it stops
  • Putting a CD into a portable CD player
  • When the arms of a grandfather clock line up
  • An African percussion instrument called a tic-tac hand drum
  • The reeling in of an extension cord