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Smile Secret Sound: September

Monday 03 September

  • The cord rolling back after pulling the starter motor on a small engine
  • Putting a DSTV card into a decoder
  • When you select a record on a jukebox
  • Stirring a take-away cup of coffee
  • An outboard motor being started
  • Tightening a wheel when changing a tyre


Tuesday 04 September

  • A plastic mug falling on a hard surface
  • Crunching up an empty cool-drink can in your hand
  • An old telephone’s dial turning back
  • A CD spinning on a counter top
  • A craft ‘wire man’ beating a can drum
  • A ‘rattlesnake’ that you get from an animal behaviourist


Wednesday 05 September

  • A melamine plate falling on tiles
  • Taking Tic-Tac mint sweets out of the dispenser
  • Ten pin bowling pins falling on tiles in a movie
  • Swiping a card in a portable card machine
  • A dog’s metal water bowl spinning on cement
  • Throwing needles into a metal tin
  • The latch on a wooden gate when closing
  • Flicking a ruler against a desk


Thursday 06 September

  • The lid of a Black Cat peanut butter jar spinning on cement
  • Quickly unscrewing the cap from a bottle of wine
  • The ball falling into the slot on a Roulette table
  • Closing a safe with an old locking mechanism
  • The sound of pot lids
  • Opening a tin can with a peel-off lid


Friday 07 September

  • A chain falling onto the floor
  • Hitting the ball into the putt-putt hole
  • Twisting open the lid of a 5L juice
  • The lid of a tub of body moisturiser falling into the basin
  • Dropping a metal bottle top into a metal tin can
  • The sound of an original Didgeridoo


Monday 10 September

  • A retractable barrier pole in a shop or a bank
  • Locking a door
  • Breaking the seal on a box of milk
  • A 7-single dropping on top of another 7-single on an old record player
  • Hot coals falling on top of a potjie-pot’s lid


Tuesday 11 September

  • The wooden slats of a bed’s base
  • Shaking a metal can with a screw inside
  • Opening a can with an old tin-opener
  • When you lift the ring lever and open a tin of smoked mussels
  • The lid of your toothpaste falling into the basin
  • When a coaster sticks to the bottom of your glass and falls on the bar counter


Wednesday 12 September

  • Pulling the foil off a yoghurt tub
  • When you’re pulling on floss and it rolls off the little wheel
  • A Cadac stove burner placed on the ground and stepped on
  • Picking up a timber log and other timber logs roll down
  • Popcorn popping in a pot


Thursday 13 September

  • The flippers of a pinball game
  • The paper receipt coming out of an old cash register
  • Ten pin bowling pins falling over
  • Twisting open the lid of a toothpaste tube
  • Two dice falling into a metal bowl
  • Putting a teaspoon into a utensil holder


Friday 14 September

  • A vending machine dispensing a can of cool-drink
  • Old long play records stacked on top of each other on an old gramophone
  • Tins dragging behind a wedding car
  • A bubble being released when pouring water from a water cooler
  • Throwing dice when playing a board game
  • Turning a spray can upside down


Monday 17 September

  • The steel ring that goes around a wine vat
  • Opening a stapler, putting staples in and closing it
  • A golf ball falling into the hole after a hole in one
  • Drums being played when they remodelled a marble machine
  • Boiling an egg in a pot of water
  • A round object like a pot lid falling on a table and pressed down by hand
  • The sound of a clay pigeon being fired off
  • A toilet flushing
  • A coin tossed or spun and then stopped by hand


Tuesday 18 September

  • A coin falling right through an old ticky-box
  • Opening a Radio/CD combo’s CD player while it’s playing
  • Taking the top off a Coke bottle and it falls in the slot
  • A coffee percolator
  • Putting a potjie pot lid back onto a potjie pot
  • Taking a landline telephone’s handset off the hook
  • An empty tuna can falling on a wooden counter top
  • A pot lid falling from a cupboard onto a hard floor


Wednesday 19 September

  • A coin falling down the funnel of a coin vortex wishing well
  • Dropping a ruler into a stationary holder
  • A microwave being switched on
  • Shaving cream sprayed from a can
  • The lid of a Melrose container on a counter top
  • The metal ring from a Consol canning jar falling on a counter and stopped
  • Playing fingerboard and the token goes into the hole
  • A CD falling on the ground


Thursday 20 September

  • An ice cube falling into a tall glass
  • A bottle top rolling on the ground
  • A wooden coaster spinning and stopped by hand
  • A car’s steel hubcap being removed and placed on the ground
  • Coin change being dispensed through a point of sale machine at the checkout
  • Throwing a coin into a savings tin


Friday 21 September

  • An access control turnstile turning over
  • Putting a metal lid onto a metal kettle
  • Putting a fidget spinner down on a table
  • An empty tin foil roll falling on the floor
  • Pulling a tooth and dropping it in a bowl
  • Screwing the lid onto a flask of coffee
  • A roulette wheel just before it stops
  • The sweeper on a ten pin bowling lane
  • A plastic cake lid wobbling on a counter top


Tuesday 25 September

  • A gum-ball machine
  • An air-hockey puck being pressed down on an air-hockey table
  • A pepper grinder
  • A metal elevator door that’s sliding open
  • Pushing the button on a self-cleaning ash tray
  • The drum of a car’s wheel being taken off and placed on the ground


Wednesday 26 September

  • Turning the wheel and opening a vault
  • The last bit of cool-drink being sucked up through a straw
  • The sound that lawnmower blades make
  • Dialling a number on an old rotary phone
  • An empty shoe polish tin falling on the floor and coming to rest
  • Putting the hose back on a petrol pump


Thursday 27 September

  • Stacking dinner plates one onto the other
  • A wooden cutting board that falls
  • A metal stove plate cover wobbling on a counter
  • When a vehicle goes over metal strips that are laid across the road
  • A shoe polish tin falling on a cement floor
  • An air conditioner shutting down


Friday 28 September

  • A putt-putt ball going into the hole and spinning around
  • A CD settling on the turntable of an old Radio/CD player
  • A tin lid on a granite counter
  • Clicking in the seatbelt when getting into your vehicle
  • Pulling on the paper in a metal toilet roll dispenser
  • The lid closing on a push pedal bin in the kitchen