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Coca-Cola Festive

The festive season is upon us and Coca-Cola want to share the festive feeling with you. They have lined up great prizes for you and all you have to do to stand a chance of winning is listen out for the sound of a Coca-Cola opening, when you hear it, SMS “COKE” and your name to 45729. We could be calling you back to unwrap a special gift from Coca-Cola. If we call you, remember to answer your phone with “I’m enjoying that Christmas feeling with Coke”. Stay tuned to Smile 90.4FM. SMS costs R1,50.


It feels good in your heart and your soul. You never want this feeling to end. No one can stop you when you taste the feeling. This Festive Season, peel, pull and reveal the new Coca-Cola bow bottle. Perfect for those who make this time of year even more special. Available in limited edition 1 Litre bottles. Enjoy that Christmas feeling with Coca-Cola.