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Tune in for the Smile Secret Sound every weekday morning on Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy. They’ll take your guesses at 07:36 and 08:08.  Correctly identify the Smile Secret Sound and they’ll give you a share of the R100 000 in prize money.


 Terms & Conditions:

  • Competition entry is open to all South Africans, residing in South Africa
  • Entry is only by means of phone-ins during official competition times
  • A cash prize won by any person under the age of 18, must be received by their parent/s or legal guardian
  • No person who has won a prize to the value of R1000 or more on Smile 90.4FM, may enter within 30 days of winning such prize
  • No person will be allowed to win more than once in the competition
  • All Smile 90.4FM General Contest Guidelines apply


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Monday 3 April

  • Cutting biltong
  • Pulling a duvet apart
  • Tripswitch
  • Pulling the film off a yogurt tub  
  • Tire gauge 
  • (no guess)


Tuesday 4 April

  • Ringbinder
  • When an ATM spits out money
  • Price tag gun
  • Ratchet tool on a fishing rod reel
  • Chlorine floater in a pool being twisted
  • Knob on a handbreak


Wednesday 5 April

  • Throwing garbage paper into a dustbin
  • (no guess)
  •  Pressing the space bar on a qwerty keyboard
  • Table tennis ball
  • Button on a Jukebox
  • Ball falling on a roullette wheel


Thursday 6 April

  • Lever arch file closing
  • Punch down office stamp
  • Opening of a laptop’s cd tray
  • Turning the switch on a stove
  • Silver coins dropping
  • Laptop closing


Friday 7 April

  • Iron plug in a basin
  • Clicking a pen
  • Alarm knob 
  • Coffee machine
  • On and off switch on a television
  • Plastic bottle seal breaking


Monday 10 April

  • Computer mouse click
  • Cracking fingers in the morning
  • Cheque being torn out a cheque book
  • Springloaded magnetic lock
  • Closing of a lid on a photo copy machine
  • Closing a locket


Tuesday 11 April

  • Putting reading glasses down
  • (no guess)
  • Turntable
  • Briefcase
  • An egg timer
  • Sharpening a knife


Wednesday 12 April

  • Switching on a biltong cutting
  • Chopsticks being broken apart
  • Locking an iPhone
  • Old credit card machine
  • Seal on a long life milk being broken
  • (no guess)


Thursday  13 April

  • Locking a dishwasher door
  • Dropping a pen on the floor
  • (no gues)
  • (no gues)
  • Multi lever door lock
  • Putting a swimming cap on


Tuesday 18 April

  • Snapping your fingers
  • Pressing the button of a vacuum sealer
  • Flick knife
  • Opening an envelope 
  • Lamb on a spit braai
  • Unplugging of a two  point plug
  • Biting off a piece of droewors 
  • A Nestel Gold coffee jar being closed
  • A seat belt being clicked into and out of the flap


Wednesday 19 April

  • Flapping sound of a fish
  • Button on a travel mug
  • Sugar free tablet dispenser
  • Clicking sound handcuffs make
  • Old school wrist band that you slap on
  • Button on a parker pen
  • Dropping a paperclip 
  • Clicking a computer mouse
  • Closing a tube of lipstick


Thursday 20 April

  • Opening a pickle jar
  • Conductor clipping a train ticket
  • Ceiling fan string
  • Refractor at an optometrist
  • Pushing a usb stick open
  • Tuppaware latch
  • Opening an old school briefcase
  • The sound of a Magic Clip gun
  • Breaking the seal and opening a container


Friday 21 April

  • Safety belt clicking in
  • Cracking an egg
  • Brief case opening
  • Cutting an acrylic nail
  • Button on a radio desk
  • Opening a laptop
  • Locking a disc padlock
  • A sewing machine just before the needle goes up and down
  • Inserting a parking ticket into the machine


Monday 24 April

  • Mechanical pencil
  • Door of a lift
  • Retractable tape measure
  • Piece of biltong breaking
  • (no guess)
  • Sparks on a gas stove
  • Double click on a computer mouse
  • Cassette tape loading 
  • Punching a hole with a paper punch


Tuesday 25 April

  • Wooden clapper
  •  Pepper Grinder
  • Opening of a cardboard tube poster holder
  • Electric Fence
  • Switching on an old radio
  • Spray can cream
  • Conductor clipping a train ticket 
  • Pushing down a leaver on a toaster 


Wednesday 26 April

  • Smacking of lips
  • Opening a pocket knife
  • Oil in a frying pan
  • Disconnecting a hose from a tap
  • Foil seal being pulled off a coffee can
  • Breaking an egg
  • Clicker on an old camera 
  • Pulling the lid off a food can
  • Dropping a coin into a jukebox


Friday 28 April 

  • Opening a biltong bag
  • Hammer knocking a nail
  • Opening an umbrella
  • Switch of a fan
  • Clamps on a safety harness
  • Reloading a nail gun
  • Clicking of a staple remover
  • Stapling two pages together
  • Opening a pressure cooker


Tuesday 2 May

  • Lunchbox clicking open
  • Airplane safety belt
  • Opening a can of beer
  • Front loading cd player being loaded
  • Security lock chain on a door being opened
  • (no guess)


Wednesday 3 May

  • Inserting  a cellphone charger into a phone
  • Crank machine
  • Gallop of a horse
  • Old price tagging machine
  • (no guess)
  • Braai grid 


Thursday 4 May

  • Plastic clips
  • (no guess)
  • Stapler
  • Smoked salmon spread lid being pressed
  • Taking a photo with a camera
  • Water drops falling on tiles


Friday 5 May

  • Industrial upholstery stapler 
  • (no guess)
  • Security gate in a building
  • Lid of a pressure cooker
  • Can of tennis balls opening
  • Clicking of a pen


Monday 8 May

  • Cigar Cutter
  • Office Sellotape holder. Tape being pulled off
  • Supermarket trolley being pulled
  • (no guess)
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Paper coming out a printer


Tuesday 9 May

  • Uncooked rice being dropped on a counter
  • (no guess)
  • Rose cutting scissors
  • Potjie kos pot handle being put down
  • Leaking tap
  • Paper clip being removed 


Wednesday 10 May

  • Pricing gun
  • Pulling car keys out of the ignition
  • Inserting a bayonet light bulb
  • Releasing a safety belt
  • Oil can being pierced
  • (no guess)


Thursday 11 May

  • Extending a handle on a suitcase
  • Dominoes dropping
  • Opening a food can
  • Gas stove igniting
  • Ratchet strap
  • Clock card machine at work


Friday 12 May

  • Parker Pen
  • Cracking a pistachio nut
  • Ice scream scoop
  • Cracking an egg
  • Breaking bones
  • Locking a cellphone


Monday 15 May

  • Right-click of a computer mouse
  • A tablet being pushed out of a sleeve
  • Eyelash curler
  • Rubix cube 
  • (no guess)
  • Clipping cycling cleats onto a pedal 


Tuesday 16 May

  • Gates opening for horse races
  • CD ROM clicking when you put a CD in
  • A phone being put down 
  • An old typing machine 
  • (no guess)
  • Closing a bottle of water


Wednesday 17 May

  • Opening a bottle of wine
  • Dripping water
  • Spring loaded key opening
  • Aircon getting turned down
  • Turning a car’s lights on
  • Snapping a biltong stick


Thursday 18 May

  • (no guess)
  • (no guess)
  • Pinball machine ball being hit
  • Cutting cardboard with scissors
  • Ball point pen
  • Switching a microphone on  


Friday 19 May

  • Nail-clipper 
  • Dust buster
  • Clip gun
  • Can of hair freshner
  • Old projector clicking
  • Sealed water bottle opening


Monday 22 May

  • A press stud
  • Inserting a coin into a jukebox
  • A hand grenade
  • Clipping your nails
  • Home installed safe closing
  • Switching a cellphone on


Tuesday 23 May

  • Flapping of a bird’s wings
  • Staple remover
  • Turnstile being pushed
  • Kettle switching on
  • Grandfather clock’s hands moving
  • Opening a can


Wednesday 24 May

  • Ice cream scoop
  • Bic lighter
  • Releasing a car handbrake 
  • Card going into an ATM
  • Car key flipping open
  • Parking lot machine dispensing a ticket
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