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Tune in for the Smile Secret Sound every weekday morning on Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy. They’ll take your guesses at 07:36 and 08:08.  Correctly identify the Smile Secret Sound and they’ll give you a share of the R100 000 in prize money.


 Terms & Conditions:

  • Competition entry is open to all South Africans, residing in South Africa
  • Entry is only by means of phone-ins during official competition times
  • A cash prize won by any person under the age of 18, must be received by their parent/s or legal guardian
  • No person who has won a prize to the value of R1000 or more on Smile 90.4FM, may enter within 30 days of winning such prize
  • No person will be allowed to win more than once in the competition
  • All Smile 90.4FM General Contest Guidelines apply


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Thursday 1 June

  • Toothpaste cap falling into a basin
  • Clipping and unclipping a seat-belt
  • Luggage compartment in a plane  
  • Coin slot at a public toilet
  • Opening a airtight biltong bag
  • Ten pin bowling, the last pin falling


Friday 2 June

  • Stapler
  • Snap on bangle 
  • Ear piercing machine 
  • Tapping your fingers on your stomach 
  • Clipping a leash onto a dog’s collar
  • Phone notification 


Monday 5 June

  • Old time stop watch clicking 
  • Hair clip
  • Pruning shears 
  • Tearing a piece of foil
  • Breaking a kit-kat
  • Hosepipe clicking into a fire hydrant 


Tuesday 6 June

  • Unlocking a Samsung smartphone
  • Pop riveter 
  • Tap shoes
  • Cats paws landing on a wooden floor
  • Meat stamp
  • Using a letter opener 


Wednesday 7 June

  • (no guess)
  • An ATM dispensing 
  • A microphone check
  • Safety latch on a biltong machine
  • Clip on a bungee jumping harness
  • Rubik’s Cube


Thursday 8 June

  • Pulling a plastic clip off a bread bag 
  • Old projector clicking 
  • Cattle counter clicker 
  • Gas stove clicking on 
  • Bar fridge opening
  • Lever arch file 


Friday 9 June

  • Magic clip fastener 
  • Rubber stamp
  • Noise of a hosepipe attachment being attached to a tap
  • Train moving over tracks
  • Clip on a wrist watch
  • Button at a robot crossing 
  • Old sewing machine
  • Clicking sound of a safety belt 
  • Stickeez pulling off a surface 
  • Opening a cold drink tin 
  • Breaking a piece of droëwors
  • Swiping a card through a card machine
  • Closing toy handcuffs
  • Popping a CD out of a CD case
  • An old library stamp


Monday 12 June

  • Closing a car’s bonnet
  • Swiping a credit card
  • Quickly paging through a book
  • Steel toy that impersonates a cricket
  • staple gun
  • Train ticket clipper


Tuesday 13 June

  • Dog leash clip being released
  • Conduit cutter 
  • Security device taking the clip off clothing in shops
  • Pop up plug in a basin 
  • Letter opener 
  • Soap dispenser 
Wednesday 14 June
  • Putting a coin into a donation box
  • Cash register opening 
  • Opening a can of coke
  • Vice grip
  • Metal press stud
  • Clicking pen  


Thursday 15 June

  • Closing a laptop’s CD ROM 
  • Samsung phone taking a picture
  • Hand clicker/counter
  • Cracking window
  • Tearing a packet of sugar
  • Light dimmer switch


Monday 19 June

  • Staple remover
  • Using the trash icon on a computer
  • A sheep tagger on a sheep’s ear
  • Clicking your tongue
  • Fidget toy
  • Breaking a wooden pencil


Tuesday 20 June

  • Milk on Rice Krispies 
  • Safety cap on a pill box
  • Battery pack in a toy car
  • Breaking an HP pencil
  • Biting into an apple
  • Skipping rope hitting the floor 


Wednesday 21 June

  • Sewing thread cutter
  • Shaking a spray paint can 
  • Airplane safety belt 
  • Little ball dropping into a roulette wheel
  • Pez sweet dispenser 
  • Ashtray that has a slot that opens 


Thursday 22 June

  • Office punch
  • Putting a safety pin back into a fire extinguisher
  • Flick knife
  • Typewriter
  • Indicator in a vehicle
  • Ice tray
  • Closing a  microwave door
  • Opening a briefcase door
  • Seal of a water bottle breaking 
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