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Guess the Smile Secret Sound and win R10 000 in cash!

The Smile Secret Sound is back… exclusive to Smile Breakfast!

Tune in every weekday morning at 07:30 and listen out for the Smile Secret Sound…. Bobby and Lindy will open the phone lines and take your calls.

 If you get through and correctly identify the Smile Secret Sound, we’ll give you R10 000 in cash!

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Competition entry is open to all South Africans, residing in South Africa
  • Entry is only by means of phone-ins during official competition times
  • A cash prize won by any person under the age of 18, must be received by their parent/s or legal guardian
  • No person who has won a prize to the value of R1000 or more on Smile 90.4FM, may enter within 30 days of winning such prize
  • No person will be allowed to win more than once in the competition
  • All Smile 90.4FM General Contest Guidelines apply


Smile Secret Sound #1 – the guesses so far:

Monday 9 January 

  • Opening a Coke Can
  • (no guess)
  • The sound of a stapler


Tuesday 10 January 

  • The sound of a clock hand
  • The sound of a stapler
  • (no guess)


Wednesday 11 January

  • The sound of an old typewriter
  • Double click on a computer mouse
  • The click of a pen 


Thursday 12 January 

  • Ice cubes in a glass
  • Hitting two keys on your keyboard
  • Labeling gun


Friday 13 January

  • Breaking a piece of fire lighter
  • Unlocking a door
  • Locking a Padlock


Monday 16 January 

  • Skaap tellertjie
  • Stapler
  • Coin being dropped on a table or counter


Tuesday 17 January  

  • Opening up a jar of Lindy’s pickled chillies
  • Musical instrument
  • Office punch


Wednesday 18 January 

  • needle off a record
  • Cigarette lighter
  • coffee packet foil being torn open


Thursday 19 January 

  • Clicking of a pencil
  • (no guess)
  • Garden Sprinkler
  • Childproof cap on a bottle
  • Coins falling out a vending machine
  • The power button of a fan


Friday 20 January 

  • Change being given from a machine
  • The switch on a torch
  • Staple remover
  • Old Camera shutter
 Monday 23 January 
  • Popping bubblewrap
  • Metronome
  • Using a flower sifter
  • Door with a hand lever


Tuesday 24 January

  • Inserting a flashdrive into a usb port
  • Punching a train ticket
  • A seatbelt clipping in 
  • A Stapler
  • Point plug going into the wall.
  • Old cassette button being pushed


Wednesday 25 January 

  • Locking of a cellphone
  • Loading a gun
  • Two letter word on a type machine 
  • Nailclipper
  • Cocking a toy guy
  • Buttons on a games console


Thursday 26 January

  • Removing a staple with a stale remover
  • Chipping ice with an ice pick
  • Bank stamp
  • Old suitcase being opened
  • Can of beer opening
  • Unlocking a safety belt


Friday 27 January 

  • Game show
  • Spinning wheel
  • Ice skating
  • Gear lever on an automatic gearbox
  • Salad being pulled off a roll
  • Old typeing machine 
  • Zippo lighter



Monday 30 January 

  • Pulling a trigger on a fire extinguisher
  • Safety belt in a aircraft
  • Cold drink can being opened 
  • Popping a glowstick
  • Champagne bottle popping
  • Sheep sheers


Tuesday 31 January 

  • Record player needle lifting
  • Taking a picture on a phone
  • Unbuckling a seatbelt
  • Hand held counter clicker
  • Turning the key in the ignition
  • Roulette ball being dropped on a roulette table. 


Wednesday 1 February

  • Inserting a key in a lock
  • A counter in a chess game
  • Trigger on a silicon gun
  • Popcorn popping
  • Closing sound of steel handcuffs
  • Popping bubblegum


Thursday 2 February 

  • Torque wrench Scissors
  • Wrapping taken off a bottle of champagne
  • Grass cutting scissors
  • ‘n Rekkie lever arch file closing


Friday 3 February

  • Garden scissors
  • Turning the knob on a stove
  • Still water bottle twisting
  • Long arm stapler 
  • Pro hair cutting scissors 
  • Dropped call


Monday 6 February

  • Shaking tippex tube
  • A tin of food opening
  • Plastic toy gun with sticky darts
  • (no guess)
  • Metal stamps at a police station


Tuesday 7 February

  • Opening a bottle
  • Cranking a mechanism of a toy
  • An office punch
  • Salt shaker
  • Typewriter
  • Biting into a cream cracker


Wednesday 8 February 

  • Cigar cutter
  • Scissor cutting paper
  • A piece of sellotape being pulled
  • Biting into a juicy apple
  • Train ticket being punched
  • Paper punch


Thursday 9 February 

  • Clicking of braai tongs
  • Lever arch filing closing
  • Bus fare coin dispenser
  • Keyboard double tap
  • Door lock
  • Newton’s Cradle


Friday 10 February

  • Staple removal tool
  • Plastic clip gun 
  • Bus ticket clipper
  • Old hair clippers
  • Cracking knuckles
  • Two coins hitting each other


Monday 13 February 

  • Switchboard 
  • Leaking tap
  • Train on a track
  • Clicking of a computer hard drive
  • Opening a DVD rom
  • Can of spray paint shaking  


Tuesday 14 February

  • Pin prick for a blood test
  • Tag gun
  • CD coming out of a PC
  • Stop watch button being pressed 
  • Zipper on a backpack 
  • Opening a tin


Wednesday 15 February 

  • Knob of a gas heater
  • Toyota door opening
  • Single click of a computer mouse
  • Latch on a backpack being clipped
  • Double click of a computer mouse
  • An indicator’s sound


Thursday 16  February

  • Knob on a CD player
  • Opening a tuna or baked beans can  
  • Nut cracker
  • Coins in a bottle
  • Castanets
  • Clapper 


Friday 17 February 

  • Gumball machine lever
  • Breaking an egg
  • Dropping a coin into a piggy bank 
  • Opening a can of cooldrink the ring being pushed down
  • A foot pedal clip on a bicycle 


Monday 20 February

  • Finger prick device when you get blood tested
  • Two spoons hitting each other
  • Seatbelt clipping in
  • Parking machine
  • Tap dancing shoe
  • (no guess)
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