The Higher Lower Game on Smile Drive

Explore the internet safely with E-SET internet security and stand in line to win your share of R25 000. This week on Smile 90.4FM we’re playing the Higher Lower Game with E-SET, where you get to guess which term gets searched for more. Is it Gangnam Style or 50 Shades of Grey? Justin Bieber or Nelson Mandela? The more you get right, the more you win! The Higher Lower Game with E-SET Internet Security. Enter now.




Explore the great online securely, protected by our award-winning Antivirus and Internet Security technology. Trusted by over 130 million users globally, with the legendary ESET® NOD32 Antivirus engine at its core, our products provide essential defence against malware like ransomware.

Your personal online data is now safer than ever! ESET’s special features shield you from hacking attacks and protects your online identity, even when connected to vulnerable public Wi-Fi.  The Banking & Payment Protection feature keeps you safe while banking or shopping online. Built-in Anti-Theft allows you to track, locate and retrieve your missing laptop.

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